Like gals, guys want to look better too. They opt for cosmetic surgery and want to succeed in their job. They will marry the woman of their choice and make her please with confidence in the bedroom. Man has clear intentions to receive cosmetic surgery as a lot is at stake.

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Top five cosmetic procedures are:

Hair loss or hair replacement procedures

Guys are conscious about hair loss mostly after 45 and want hair transplant, scalp reduction or flap rotation. Hair transplant wipes the bald spots. The hair from dense area is sown on the less dense part of the scalp. This hides the baldness. This is less painful procedure than scalp reduction or flap rotation. The scalp parts are not removed in this method.

  • Manicures

It is not that only ladies love to have fingernails and toe nails clean, lot of men like their nails to shine. They even remove their cuticles. The fingernails of a guy are short than lady.

  • Chest enlargement

While guys are conscious about their chest, women are about their breasts . They need solid silicone implants. This increases the bulk protection of chest muscles. The person should not do heavy work for 3 weeks after chest enlargement surgery. This method is better than taking steroids or muscle enlargement drugs. Take care before and after the surgery.

  • Liposuction

Men and women are equally conscious about dieting and weight gain. Liposuction helps remove fat. The number of liposuction cases have tripled since 1992 as both men and women want to look healthy. The person has less fat content after liposuction and chances of cardiac arrest are slim. Diabetes can also be reduced.

  • Penis enlargement surgery

Men do this surgery to increase self esteem. The length and girt is enlarged in this genital enlargement procedure and after this it gives correct organ proportion. Man is always concerned about woman and wants beautiful sex life. It is also a fact that man flirts an attractive stranger more than a woman, such surgery solves his ego problem.