It is a well documented fact that four out of five people, or eighty percent of the population, will, at some point in their lifetime suffer some sort of back pain. For some back pain, it is as simple as popping a pill, or using a heating pad or ice. Other back pain on the other hand, is not so simple…

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Consider the following factors that may add to the back pain you may go through and the reasons why:

  1. Posture-believe it or not, Mom was right for nagging
  2. Being overweight-even just a little
  3. Jobs where heavy lifting is a must
  4. Diseases that can actually can back pain-and yes, these do exist
  5. Getting older-it’s sad, but true
  6. Smoking-yet another reason to quit that cancer stick!

Mom was right all those years ago when she nagged at you about sitting up straight. When sitting up straight, the spine goes into proper alignment, and the vertebrae sit on top of each other properly. When that happens, no nerves get pinched or compressed and no pain occurs.

Yeah, being overweight is a topic that almost everyone is tired of hearing about. There are so many problems that are caused to any one person’s body by being overweight, but back pain is one of the biggies. When there are extra pounds on the body, especially the lower part of the body, more unneeded pressure is created, and then pulling from the torso section toward the front creates pain in the spinal area. Stretching, on a daily basis will help to ease the pain-then add in gentle exercising, and of course, lose the weight!

Jobs that require heavy lifting are sometimes just not avoidable. If you happen to have one of those jobs, learn to work smart. Ask to use a back belt-sure, they are not beautiful, but they do provide support. Also, use team lifts where and whenever possible. If there is equipment that can be used to help you, take advantage of it. Make sure that before you work, you are stretching adequately-that your muscles are actually warm. Use good posture, and bend using your knees, with a slightly bent back. This is very important: do NOT twist while you are lifting something heavy. Small steps, keeping the load close to you at all times will help minimize any back pain, too.

Believe it or not, there are a variety of different diseases that can cause back pain. Some may be blatantly obvious to the general public-arthritis, scoliosis and kidney stones. However, other diseases are also capable of giving patients back pain too-and you may not think of them. Two such diseases that might not be immediately thought of, because they typically deal with the tissue within the body, are fibromyalgia and endometriosis.

Getting older is of course going to play a part in back pain. Truly, it’s a no brainer. As we get older, our spines not only begin to lose shape, but start to become thicker. Due to that, the vertebrae will start to compress in on the nerves and cause issues such as spinal stenosis, where the vertebrae becomes even more narrow. Considered a degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis is generally associated with older patients, not those in their teens, twenties or thirties. Almost all patients with spinal stenosis can be treated with surgery.

Smoking has been shown to, for unknown reasons, to cause back ache. Scientists have not, at this time pinned down the exact reason why. However, nicotine would have a lot to do with it. Think about what happens when a smoker quits smoking-withdrawal pains occur of all sorts. It is a reasonable assumption

that because of the connection between smoking, the senses, and all the different types of stimulation that occur, back pain would occur.