Some people ask me what makes my techniques for engaging the whole body to disrupt fat different from other methods and what weight loss pills for women would you recommend? Are you kidding me?! The primary way my approach is different because I get you engaged in intervals as well as resistance training: no cardio here. As you get disturbed about fat, you actually disturb fat by working against it in sensible ways that get results. There are a lot of people copying me and getting on the bandwagon for interval training, but few people are actually presenting this type of workout effectively.

You see, when I began, I was always seen as a radical because I rejected the workouts that proved to be ineffective, while others continued to promote them to milk people of their money. The main problem is that people can’t get cardio out of their minds: they’ve seen and heard it for so long. Even though it doesn’t work, people still think it’s the way to fitness.

For example, cardio-oriented people have trouble with the proper resting period when they try intervals. See when they sprint, they slow to a traditional cardio pace as their recovery and then sprint again in a cycle.

The essential ingredient of intervals requires that you have a lot of sprints, but each one is followed by a pace that allows you to recover almost completely before continuing.

You see doing recovery at too intense of a pace means that you have sacrificed intensity from your sprint. You’ll notice that I don’t care much about heart rate: that is a preoccupation that really holds people back.

Your heartbeat isn’t going to have anything to do with how much fat you’re losing. I’ve told people that until I’m blue in the face.

If you’re going to have peace with yourself, you need to know how to wage war on fat properly.