If you are wondering why your small business outlet is bringing in little or occasional customers the reason is SIMPLE, with people becoming even busier with their jobs, career, and school everyone hangs out on SOCIAL MEDIA. Am sure you know this already!

However, establishing social media presence for your business is often much more than having a Facebook fan page for your customers with a near-extinct Twitter account or any other unbalanced social media presence. As a newbie, you might have to look for tiktok likes for cheap as it is not that easy to establish yourself on social media.

It is needful to know the ABC’s of Social Media for Small Businesses

Ready? Let’s Go!

A – Account Setup (Establishing Presence)

Setting up social media accounts on diverse social networks is usually the first step to go and as simple as this may sound is a major step in defining your success with social media.

It is important to first determine at this level social platforms that would best suit your business and appeal to your potential buyers/customers

You cannot afford to be on platforms where your customers do not go or do not appreciate.

Carefully sort out your primary and secondary social media channels before pitching your tent.

B – Business Plan for Social Media

Your social presence needs a plan

Never start projecting your small business on social media without a plan. You have to intentionally set out your reasons for establishing a brand presence on social media and state how you want to achieve these goals.

On social media, your business plan is your social media marketing strategy which is essential to your success on social media. Carefully spell out your target audience, how you will reach them, what content you will share, and lots more. This will fully equip you for your social media journey.

Remember your business plan for social media should also have a tone of voice, people relate easily with something they can understand or grasp.

Your uniqueness will keep people coming back for more and with a plan, you are sure not to disappoint. You can’t have it all put together you must be known for a particular thing. So what will be your “one thing”?

C – Create a Schedule

This is not the same thing as having a plan for social media this involves scheduling your content and this is the surest way to achieve consistency on social media

Scheduling involves defining how your plan will be executed, the appropriate tools for execution, and setting your level of responsiveness. This helps your small business determine performance levels and translates your plans into sales for your business.