There are those at the end of your workout will never be forgotten. And I do not mean the issues related to personal hygiene, such as taking a shower even. It’s about issues related to exercise-induced regeneration, projecting training for progress both in terms of short and long term. What so keep in mind because the output of the fitness club?

The training is not enough?

Surprising how many people lives and trains in the belief that in order to develop and maintain the aesthetic figure and good health simply exercise regularly. This view is especially popular with inexperienced individuals just starting workouts. In reality, however, the process of “taking the form of” is much more complicated and it involves the various factors, both training and nutrition, and other – related to the run mode of life. So in order to optimize the progress is not enough to just go to the gym, do their training and return to daily activities. Keep in mind a few other important issues. Do you want to know about what? Feel free to continue reading.

Fluid replacement

An extremely important issue at the end of the effort is to supplement the lost fluids during it. While in the case of training craft alone is usually sufficient mineral water drunk in doses dependent on the feelings of desire, whereas in the case of long-term training at competitive level recommended to consume in two hours about 900 – 1350ml of fluid enriched in carbohydrates and electrolytes for every kilogram weight lost. Neglecting this issue can hinder the process of recovery post-workout and adversely affect the development of forms of sports, as well as lower well-being. It is worth noting that while czterdziestopińôciominutowy workout at the gym rather not an indication for intensive hydration of many such. Brazilian jujitsu half hour session may be associated with significant dehydration and requires the use of appropriate strategies complementary lost fluids and electrolytes.

Calling the anabolic response

After completion of the exercise on Testogenr review, especially strength very important issue is to call the anabolic response of the body. Of crucial importance in this respect is on the one hand stimulation of insulin secretion, on the other – to ensure adequate availability of amino acids. This can be about 20 – 60 min after exercise or take a portion of carbohydrate-protein supplements, or eat a properly balanced meal. Contrary to the theories propagated by the manufacturers of dietary supplements – both options are a good option. Based on conventional food products worth choosing these high and at the same time not too hard to digest. For example, rice pudding with apple sauce, serving chicken breast with rice and vegetables or beef with potatoes – are options worth taking into consideration.

Supplement muscle glycogen

The issue of supplementation of energy reserves of the body after the exercise involves a lot of inaccuracies. In practice, the issue of muscle glycogen is often overestimated, especially for regular gym goers. In fact, in the case of typical strength training of the substrate losses are not as large as some suggest, Circulation source. Even in the case where losses of glycogen workouts are high, its immediate supplement is not a matter of the utmost importance as far as – attention – not train for example. Twice a day. When the frequency of training sessions is high, and the specificity of the effort involves a significant loss of glycogen then care should be taken to supplement its provisions as soon as possible. For this purpose, should be taken from 0.6 up to 1.2 g of carbohydrate per kg body weight per hour post-exercise period.

Maintaining an adequate dose necessary ingredients

For proper course of regenerative processes is important not only what you eat immediately after a workout, but also what you eat later in the day, and even – on another. So let balancing diet and planning strategies suplementacyjnych not limited only to the time of post-exercise. It is important that all the meals attributable to provide session suitable for our needs and protein intake of energy substrates (carbohydrate and / or fat), and the compounds have other important functions in the body, such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, water. Otherwise, the proverbial bucket of sweat poured on the training of little pass.


In addition to issues such as nutritional status and hydration is extremely important issue is the appropriate plan of rest after completing the training. Rest does not necessarily boil down to lie on his back for most of the day, but should generate a holistic assume an appropriate amount of time to sleep (about 7 – 8 hours), and refrain from aggravating physical activity in a short period of time after the workout. So magnificent hour and a half football game an hour after leaving the gym is not a reasonable idea. Better the training units break down into individual days of the week.


If you want to make consistent progress in building muscle, reduce fat or develop strength and endurance, you need to not only train hard, but ensure adequate nutrition of the body and provide the right conditions to regenerate. Period is crucial here exertional time in which to provide a huge portion of all essential nutrients, fluids and where to try not to make any physical activity.

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