Many of us intuitively know that a car accident is a very real danger, but not everyone understands how ever-present these types of injuries really are in a modern society, where people need vehicles for getting nearly everywhere they need to go. When it comes to the real risks of being involved in a car accident that causes significant harm, the numbers don’t lie, and safety groups have come up with some pretty telling statistics that they use to educate the public about the dangers on the road.

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Vehicle Accident Fatalities

Rates of fatal car accidents in the United States are often reviewed by individual states and their insurance departments, as well as consumer safety advocate groups. These studies are finding that car accidents account for tens of thousands of deaths per year in the U.S., but accident fatalities are not the only dangerous epidemic that threatens drivers and passengers. Experts project that for every vehicle fatality, thirteen more people experience injuries in motor vehicle accidents. That means that annual U.S. motor vehicle injury rates number in the hundreds of thousands, and even in millions.

Rates of Motor Vehicle Injury in the U.S.

Detailed research by safety and insurance groups leaves no ambiguity about how common American motor vehicle accident injuries really are. One study shows the likelihood of being injured in a car accident is more than one in one thousand. Other studies have focused on the raw numbers of injuries per year. For example, a United States Department of Transportation study found over 4 million vehicle accident injuries in 1994. Four years later, in 1998, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA tabulated over 3 million of these injuries. Worldwide, the World Health Organization has called vehicle accidents “a leading cause of disease” because many of the chronic injuries that accident victims sustain can be called diseases based on their overall and gradual effects on the body.

Defining Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s important to understand that the vast majority of researchers have a broad definition of a traffic accident. Traffic accidents can include two vehicles, or they can be related to one vehicle hitting a pedestrian or an animal. In addition, there are many kinds of multi-vehicle accidents that can be classified in different ways. What all of these have in common is the tendency to produce severe injuries related to the extreme amounts of physical force involved in operating a motor vehicle.

Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many drivers don’t often consider the full range of causes that can be involved in an accident scenario. While alcohol use has been seen as a factor in up to half of all traffic accidents for some age groups, other factors also apply to a significant number of these accidents and injuries that they cause. One major accident cause factor is cell phone distraction. Another is poor road maintenance and insufficient signs or warning systems on roadways. All of these can be either primary or secondary factors in a collision or accident.

While the above research shows how prevalent traffic accident injuries are, it doesn’t show how subtle they can be. Not all car accident victims show symptoms or injuries immediately, and a similar impact can have a vastly different effect on one person compared to another. That’s what makes it so important to fully monitor the car accident victim’s condition after the accident occurs. Those who were involved in a car accident can get personal guidance and consultation from a professional chiropractor who can assess the extent of any injuries and come up with a treatment plan for eventual recovery.