Are you a frequent flyer, but have trouble organizing your flights? Eliminate the hassle of flying with these 5 easy steps:

Keep a flight folder. If you fly frequently, chances are that your book your flights well ahead of time to get the best rate. If this is so, make it easy on yourself in trying to keep up with all your information. All you have to do is keep a flight folder. You can print out your flight itineraries and store them in a pocket folder. This way, you’ll have these handy when you get ready to confirm your flights, whether you confirm online or at the airport. Make it a habit to always carry your flight folder with you in your briefcase.

This folder will help you in maintaining relevant data regarding flight details and other miscellaneous expenses that are done so that you can save more and not resort to unnecessary squandering of money. Whenever people are asked what is the Seattle airport by first time flyers in the city they respond with showing the flight folder to give them a hint about what lies in store for them.

Carry rental car contracts. It serves well to carry any airport car rental reservations that you make in your flight folder, as well. This way, when you pull out your printed reservation information, you also have your return flight itinerary right there if you need it, and you may need it. Many airport car rental companies require a return flight itinerary before renting to you if you intend to use a debit card, so don’t get stuck at the airport car rental counter without your return itinerary.

Track rental car charges. Make sure that you check the price that the rental car company charges you against what your rental car itinerary (stored in your flight folder) states. Be sure to check this twice: once when you actually rent the car and then again when you check the rental car back in. If you don’t, you mind find yourself paying added fees, so hang on to your rental car itinerary. You may need it to serve as proof of quoted price later on.

Store gas receipts. After you gas up your rental car before taking it to the airport, be sure to store your gas receipt in your flight folder. It may even be smart to log the actual rental car contract number or some type of description of the rental car on it. This serves well if the rental car company asks for a copy of your fuel receipt, and they may do this, especially if you travel less than 100 miles in the rental period. Don’t let the rental car company keep the actual receipt. Ask them to make a copy and return the receipt to you.

Take advantage of reward miles. From time to time, you may want to log onto your airline rewards account and check your awards against your flight itineraries, as well as your car rental itineraries. Most airlines and rental car companies do a really good job at giving you the credits you earn. However, you may find a time where the information did not find its way onto your account, and this can cause it to take you longer to earn your free flight, so take the time to keep track of these points.

Learning to carry a flight folder and making sure that you use it consistently to store all your itineraries and receipts can help you become an organized frequent flyer.