Recently we have been getting asked a lot of questions about these two vaporizers so we thought it would be best to go ahead and do a head-to-head post that highlights some of the differences between the two. Lets start by talking about the Atmos A-Pen made by, of course Atmos. It is powered by a 110 volt rechargeable battery that last about 5 hours. The pen vaporizer looks nice but since this is a versus battle lets just be honest and admit they both look very similar.

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The Atmos A-Pen costs $39.99 and ships out of the United States of America. It is compact and lightweight but no more so than the Pulsar Vortex so that is pretty much a mute point. Both pens have a fast 5-second heat up time and both come with a USB charger so it looks like so far we still have a tie. To get started using the pen just unscrew the top of the pen (yes it is supposed to look like a fountain pen) and using the dabber tool carefully apply some of your favorite cannabis concentrate onto the atomizer or hash oil canister inside of your heating chamber. Re-attach the top of the pen and begin to hold down on the button. Wait about 2-3 seconds before beginning to draw through the mouthpiece. That is about it, pen vaporizers are notoriously easy to use and the Atmos A-Pen is no different in that respect.

The Pulsar Vortex while slightly different is largely the same as the Atmos A-Pen. I do think that the cartridge system on the Pulsar Vortex had a little more planning and preparation go into it. The pieces seem to fit more together more snugly helping the pen to feel a bit more sturdy in my hand. Like virtually every other pen vaporizer ever made it is a very discreet vaporizer that fits easily into the palm of your hand. The Pulsar Vortex is a great hash oil pen vape for people that cannon medicate in their office or home and need to walk outside quickly for their medicine without drawing unnecessary attention.

With your purchase of the Pulsar Vortex you will get an instruction manual, a USB charger, one dabber tool and one battery. Once again these two pens are stacking up pretty evenly because that is exactly the same accessories that the Atmos A-Pen comes with. The biggest difference you are going to notice is the price tag, the Pulsar Vortex costs $69.99 versus the Atmos A-Pen costing the previously mentioned $39.99. Does the Pulsar warrant the extra cash? That is after all what you came here to read about isn’t it?

In conclusion: After vaping a 1.5 grams of hash oil out of each vaporizer the jury was in. The Atmos A-Pen did a decent job but we noticed the clouds of vapor being produced were not consistently as thick. The Pulsar Vortex on the other hand delivered very even clouds time after time. Just be sure we cleaned the pens and switched hash oil to make sure that we gave both vape pens every opportunity to shine. At the end of the day the pens look very similar but operate quite differently.