Are you getting bore in these lockdown days? If yes, then we have the best solution for you to spend your whole day without getting bored. You can experience a new world by sitting at your home with the most popular video game, i.e., Minecraft. With the help of free Minecraft java accounts, a player can create his own world.

Generally, there are two important modes in this game which are creative and survival. In creative mode, the player has to create his own wonderful creations with the items given, whereas in survival mode, a player needs to survive in the game by fighting for his life. Minecraft is a very interesting and exciting game. Once you start playing Minecraft, there is no way to go back.

Let’s discuss in more detail how to play such an amazing game:

Farming in Minecraft

The game involves everything from creating buildings to farming and mining. With the help of farming, you get various things to eat which is difficult to find otherwise. A player can farm mushrooms, cocoa beans, farm trees, sugar cane, melon, and cacti, etc.

Step 1: Farm Setup

Before starting farming, you must have the required tools that are needed in the process of farming:

Farm Setup

The first step is to clean the land. It is advisable not to take land near a hilly area as it allows various things to jump down into the fenced area. A clear land allows you to fence it off easily.

Fences prevent the mobs from entering your farm. Due to trampling, all the plants on-farm can be destroyed, and all your hard work will get in vain. Indeed, one can also use blocks to enclose your farm area, but anything can enter your farm area by jumping on the blocks. A fence is higher than blocks, so except spiders, nothing can jump into your farm area.

For creating farmland, you can use hoe tool. With the help of hoe, the soil looks like that it has rowed on it.

Create a handier gate to get in.

Step 2: Mushroom Farming

It is important to note that the light level must not be greater than 12 in mushroom farming; otherwise, it will not grow properly.

In mushroom farming, you don’t require water.

In order to collect mushrooms, a player can use a shovel.

Step 3: Sugar Cane and Cactus

Sugar cane

  • Sugarcane grows on grass, dirt, or sand in any biome, and unlike mushrooms, it requires water to grow.
  • It is advisable to plant it next to the water.
  • Sugarcane is generally grown higher than three blocks.
  • Farmland block doesn’t need to grow sugarcane.
  • You can create air pockets to breathe in and plant it underwater.


  • As we know, cactus is generally found in the deserts.
  • It has the ability to destroy mobs and any other item.
  • By destroying the bottom block or the block below the cactus, a player can harvest a cactus easily.
  • As the cactus can destroy any item, so one can use it for the disposal of garbage.

Step 4: Melon Farming

A player can get the melons by trading or can also find them in mines.

After finding a melon, the next step is to break it into pieces and craft it into seeds.

Now on the block of farmland, a player can plant the seeds; it will generate a stalk which will further produce a melon.

At last, these are some of the general steps which are required for farming. By following these steps as mentioned above, you can plant different food and eat it whenever you want. The free Minecraft java accounts serve as a guide to play Minecraft games and learn various new things