If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, chances are good that you’re wondering what the best fat burning exercise is. After all, if you’re going to be spending time in the gym, it only makes sense that you’re going to want to be sure to optimize every single minute of it.

By choosing only the best fat burning exercise options, you can be sure you do just that.

The best thermogenic is the best supplement available to the people for burning the fat. There are many options available to the people to purchase the supplement and get the desired results. the performance of the exercise is also essential with it to get excellent results on the health.

One particular movement that is easily considered the best fat burning exercise is the squat. Let’s take a look at why the squat is such a good movement to perform if you want to move one step closer to success with your goals.


The very first reason why the squat is a must-have in your workout routine is because it’s going to work a high number of muscles all at once. Movements that utilize more total muscle fibers are going to burn more calories with each rep you perform, thus moving you closer to your overall fat burning goal.

If you’re only working smaller muscle group in a movement, you just won’t create the metabolic response in the body as you would working larger muscle fibers. The squat really takes advantage of this.

Core Involvement

The second reason why the squat is such a smart move for fat loss purposes is because it’s also going to call the core into play as well. With the weight load across your back, as you lower yourself downward you’re going to have to use those abs to steady you the entire time.

This allows you to target the abs at the same time, thus working more muscles as we just mentioned above.

By including squats in your workout routine you will have to dedicate less time overall to any additional ab work, so that proves to be quite the benefit for those who are pressed for time.

Great Strengthening Benefits

The next nice thing that makes the squat the best weight loss exercise is that it will easily allow you to really enhance your strength. With so much muscular force behind you, each rep you perform you should be able to lift a higher sheer amount of weight, therefore you’re going to notice yourself getting stronger after each session.

Making good strength gains is also indicative that you could be adding additional lean muscle mass and that additional muscle tissue will then help you burn more calories over the long term.

So as you can see, the squat is definitely a top fat burning exercise that you should be including. Make sure when you perform it that you do go the full way down through the movement so as to not short yourself of the benefits it provides you. This means moving so that your thighs are at a 90 degree angle with the floor, parallel with your hips.

If you’re only going partially down, you won’t get near the glutes activation you should, so you’ll be reducing the total muscle fibers that come into play throughout the movement pattern.