If you are a professional designer, then it is always an essential task to work on your creativity skills. Out-of-the-box and quirky thinking are the skills that you will be paid for in the industry. It is not an easy task to be a designer in this fast paced and competitive world. That is why you always have to work on your skills and be the best in what you do. If you want to level up your creativity, then there are some fun games that you can try out. These games help you to nudge your brains & learn how to make the most of your resources.


this is a game that needs no introduction at all. It is one of the most popular games of all times and supports almost every OS that is present in the market – iOS, Mac, Windows and Android. A lot of people would say that this game is made for children, but that is not the case. Minecraft can be played by anyone who likes to hone their creativity and ideas, regardless of how old you are. You can find a lot of pro designers playing Minecraft to test their creativity skills and knowledge.

In this block building game, you have to survive by doing the most basic things – dig soil, break rocks, melt metal, hunt animals, etc. You can create your home, a farm, or any other structure that you have in mind. Decorate your interiors and use your intelligence to survive through the game. This game will help you learn how to use different elements to get the best results from them over the course of time. Use a Minecraft account generator to open an account for the game and start playing now.


a life simulator game that took the world by storm, Sims is one of the best games that designers can play every day. In this game you are required to make your own character and lead your life in the Sims Universe. You control and influence the sim through different stages of the game. With time, your character will grow old, just like us humans. Create or buy a new home, make friends, drive cars, throw a party, and do a lot of other things here. You can design your house in any way you want. Make your home the most attractive one in the whole community and unleash your creativity skills to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Survival Craft

a Minecraft clone, that is still a fun game to play. It has better graphics and controls that allows even beginners to play the game with ease. In the Creative Mode of this game, you can build whatever you want to. So, why don’t you test out your creativity and share your creations with the community. There is an unlimited area in which you can play, that’s why you don’t have to worry about running out of space. As a designer, you can polish your creativity skills by creating new structures, designing your interiors and by other ways.

So, these are the top games for designers who want to improve their designing skills and upgrade their thought process over time.