There are different routines for body building. However, determining the best routines would be a tough thing to do. First of all, you need to know the characteristics of a good body building before you can be able to determine the best training routines for it. Basically there are two types of training routines for body building. The first type is the body sculpting and the second type is the body building training.

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The body sculpting type of body building routines are used by people who just want to lose body fat and firm up their muscles. These routines are usually done by losing body fats and adding some muscles to tighten up. With these routines, you need to have a good and long term goal on losing fat. The goal can be in percentage range. For the second type of routine for body building, which is the body building training, the main goal is to add pounds after pounds on muscle mass. The mass should be optimal to the fat levels of the body.

Training routines for body building may have different characteristics. However, these characteristics may always depend on how the body would response especially in cases of muscle building and fat burning. One of the characteristics is that a training routine must be short. More likely the length should only between 45-75 minutes. The perfect length would be 60 minutes. The rest in between sets of routines should be kept to at least 90 seconds or lesser. Aside from rest, lowering down the exercise between sets of routines is also necessary. In this way, one can be able to perform plenty of work and still can afford to finish the duration of 75 minutes. With proper rests and lowering down of exercises, the cardiovascular system of the body will be improved. Also, growth of hormones will be stimulated.

Depending of the body building goals, another important characteristics of training routines are the repetitions. For muscle mass gaining, there should be 8 to 15 repetitions while for body sculpting purposes the repetitions should be done from 15 to 25. There are various reasons why repetitions are important as a characteristic for body building. One reason is that our human body is able to get the best pump in between the repetition ranges. When we speak of best pump, it refers to the blood flowing into the muscle cells. Along with the pumping, there are nutrients that nourish the muscle cells that help in the rebuilding and recovery process. Another reason is that when our human body is doing plenty of repetitions, there would be lesser probability of having an injury because we can use a weight that we can control. During repetition ranges, the fat burning and muscle building activities may occur more efficiently.

Training routines must be cycled and varied. These characteristics are best for those people who do not to get stuck for same old routines every day on their body building activities. Doing same old routines everyday will assure zero muscle growth, which is not good especially if you are a body builder.