For brands and businesses, LinkedIn is an effective social media tool to reach a wide network of audiences. Also, with the new emerging features of this platform, it has become easier to build a professional community. However, in order to build professional LinkedIn connections, one has to know the correct usage of this platform. Here mentioned are some of the ways by which you can use LinkedIn to grow your business.

  • Optimizing your company page

To create your brand presence on the LinkedIn platform, the first important thing to do is to optimize your company profile. Remember this social media platform is different from Facebook or Instagram. If you treat it just because it is another social media platform for you, then you’ll never be able to grow your business. For example, add a profile picture and make sure your face is visible. Add your bio as it is an amazing way to tell your brand story to the audiences. Adding a catchy summary line describing the purpose of your brand is also a good optimization option. Also, if you want to target your audience, make sure you mention everything about that on your company page.

  • Add images to your posts

Just like you add photos on Facebook and other similar social media sites; LinkedIn is also becoming a visual first social media platform. Add meaningful images or videos relevant to your posts. The LinkedIn algorithm focuses on those posts that contain image or videos. Moreover, images can capture the attention of the audiences which may not always be possible in case of texts. There’s a particular feature on LinkedIn-‘document’ where you can share a myriad of photos to your LinkedIn page. These documents are available in scrollable format, making it an ideal way for brands or businesses that wants to share a dynamic gallery on the platform.

  • Know the right use of LinkedIn features

As already mentioned above, there are lots of features available in this platform. So one needs to understand which feature is right for your business and how you can use them. There are few easy features that you can use for attracting your targeted audiences like- LinkedIn Live, Reactions, Polls, and stories. Live sessions are the best because it has been found that engagement is more than in native videos. For new offers or professional updates, the story feature can prove to be beneficial.

  • Add hashtags to your posts

Adding relevant tags to your content can help the audiences find you in an easy manner. Though hashtags are more popular on Instagram, this feature is also getting popular on LinkedIn.

From enhancing your brand’s presence to finding potential job candidates for vacancies, LinkedIn can be highly effective for your business. Also, new features are released every now and then, making it a powerful social media tool to expand your business. Besides considering the above point, you should also make use of the right keywords, add your skills, and get endorsements.