While the world battles Covid-19 with increasing valiancy, the doctors and scientists are working day and night to work out a vaccine so that the afflicted patients can be cured and the deadly virus can be eradicated once and for all.

People that are affected until now are in large numbers that has reached an alarming rate which is why the federal government has issued strict guidelines which is why various countries are under nationwide lockdown since the past few months.

There are certain families that have taken to worshipping god in a bid to curb the virus through religious means in sheer desperation as every other healthy person is being tested positive while the ones confined to their homes are strictly following the guidelines.

Knowledgeable Discussion

There have been intense discussions about the existence of god but most of them have been mundane and repetitive due to which no definitive conclusion has been reached till now but nevertheless, it does allow different sides to gain knowledgeable info from the other.

One reason for this is that different people means different opinions while different opinions mean knowledge expansion, which in turn can be shared with your near and dear ones because god is both a myth and an enigma that has not been deciphered by the best of experts.

Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity that is worshipped by Christians across the world in his crucified form while there is a certain group of people that don’t consider him as god but a miraculous human being due to the nature of his birth.

At the same time, you can also find people that don’t believe in the concept of god and are called atheists as they despise living in a society that blindly worships someone that they can neither see with their own eyes nor hear with their ears.

They are of the opinion that since nobody has definite proof of Christ’s existence, it seals the deal in their eyes that there is no such thing as Jesus Christ even though the bible quotes differently.

Guide to Enlightenment

The bible is of the opinion that Jesus Christ is the proverbial guide towards the path of enlightenment that leads people that have gone astray back to the path of honesty, truth and righteousness and Christ is the one being that has to be followed devotionally by one and all.

South Korea is the Shincheonji Church of Jesus where devotees from all walks of life come to visit every once in a while as it is a pilgrimage site for them where they can feel a sense of deep bliss.

This site clears their mind of any wrong thoughts and provides them with the courage to follow through on their life’s goals without having to worry about failure as most people give up if they feel that they won’t make it.

This is the reason why many people have to visit this church to see the truth with their own eyes and learn hard lessons of life.