What are the factors that make up for entertainment and joy in a young teenager’s life? Well, anything that has modern day technology to its name right from gadgets to the smartphone games that are equipped with all the cheat codes and passwords that will help them win at any cost.

Today’s kids are not like what their parents and forefathers were but they are well advanced in their thinking and want to live life on their own terms and if you try to stop them, they will resort to rebellion.

When it comes to modern day gadgets, there are way too many of them and today we are going to talk about one that has taken everyone, be it young or old, by storm and has made life far easier.

Bluetooth is a unique invention to have come out in the 21st century which caters to many things right from the earphones to the laptop or tablet computer, which can be utilized for various purposes.

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth has been defined as a wireless technology through which data can be exchanged mobile devices that are in the range of 8 to 10 m with the help of shortwave length that emit radio waves in the scientific, industrial and medical radio bands where its frequency is between 2.600 to 2.686 Ghz.

It came up with the advent of social media in the early to mid 2000s and Bluetooth was the first phenomenon that caught the fancy of youngsters worldwide compared to others.

Here was a technology with the help of which you could listen to your favorite songs all day long whether it is on mobile or on your computer and what’s more, you don’t even have to connect to the plug point to start it up, which is why it is wireless.

The experts are of the opinion that it will soon replace the regular earphones and become a trend throughout the world. Today, you can find even wireless headphones that youngsters use for listening to music when they are walking down the road.


You will be astonished to know that the history of Bluetooth goes back even before you can imagine and that is in 1989, where it was initially termed as short link technology for sending out radio waves.

It was Nils Rydbeck, CTO of Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden who laid the foundation for this innovative prospect and that too at a time when people had just begun to get used to computer and internet was in its nascent stages.

Even wireless plug point was unthinkable at that time, so a wireless headset was virtually out of the question for anyone to even believe to be a possibility and if anyone did think about it, that person was thought to be insane, so you can imagine how far fetch an idea it would sound.

However, the term ‘Bluetooth’ first came to be used around 1997 and it was named after a 10th century ruler called Harald Bluetooth, who was said to have included tribes of Danish descent into his kingdom.

The name was suggested by an Intel worker named Jim Kardach, who is credited for making a system that would connect mobile phones and computers to communicate with each other.

Bluetooth Today

Today, Bluetooth has become an ordinary phenomenon, atleast for the current generation, who started using the device as soon as they were allowed to and do not have the good fortune of having everything simple.

They were born in the new millennium and were accustomed to Bluetooth right from the short and so wireless communication is nothing great of an invention for them, because they have not seen the old times.

Headset and Earpiece

Now we are going to list out some of the best headsets and earphones in Bluetooth in 2020.


  • Sony WH: The audio is strong and it has a 34 hour battery life and is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for truck drivers
  • Jabra Elite is easy on the ear and comfortable to hold
  • Amiron Wireless has the best sound and is most expensive


  • Plantronics Voyager
  • Jabra Steel
  • Senheiser Presence
  • Sony MBH

So, just grab onto some of the best models in the market and enjoy your day with nice, soothing music, to pass your time in the lockdown due to corona virus.