Bosch continues to stand by the words of their founder. While all of their products meant a guarantee of both quality and reliability with uncompromised performance and attractive designs, the Vacuum Cleaners they manufacture are of no exception.

In the following review, let us see in detail about their BSGL4000GB Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. The cylinder cleaners of Bosch are infinitely versatile when compared to its rival models. Though they are very powerful and efficient, they are very easy to manoeuvre, making it very easy for the users to carry them easily over the stairs. Bosch has made sure that there is no compromise on either side by having their top range features as standard.

The very first word that pops-up in our minds on opening the package of the Bosch BSGL4000GB Vacuum Cleaner is, “Compact”. It has a very high end product look, with an impeccable finishing. While the facia of the unit has a glossy pitch black finishing, the rotary control and the multiple filters have been given a highlighted silver coating, making the overall look fabulous. The rear end of the cylindrical cleaner is finished in grey plastic. Bosch has fitted this unit with three 360 degree rubber coated swivel wheels that offer extra manoeuvrability and this kind of wheels also do not damage any kind of floors. The position of the handle and the models light 6.4kg weight make it quite easy to pick up.

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The handle provided to move the unit around is wide enough and strong too. The tools on board feature allow you to store all the tools of the cleaner in the package to be stored easily and neatly inside the unit itself. You will find a dust bag change indicator in the control panel that ensures that the cleaner always offers you its full working capacity. The variable suction feature included is perfect for all kinds of vacuuming tasks. In the rear of the BSGL4000GB Vacuum cleaner there is the automatic cable rewind for a neater storage; a feature that has become common in most of the latest vacuum cleaners in the market.

The tube of the BSGL4000GB Compact Size vacuum cleaner has a wide operating radius and so, you do not have to change the sockets while vacuuming and the metal telescopic tube offered is adjustable to suite all heights. Though you have a set of additional tools for carpets and hard floors, you will also find an Adjustable Floor Tool in the main part for use on the different types of floors.

Powerful, Energy efficient Motor:

The Bosch BSGL4000GB is fitted in with 2000W powerful motor in order to provide you with a long lasting performance. Though the latest compressor motor employed is very powerful, it seems to be energy efficient too. It offers you with better performance than the standard motors and at the same time, they consume about 50% less energy. You will also be amazed by the quiet operation of the device.

AirSafe System:

AirSafe System in the BSGL4000GB All rounder vacuum cleaner ensures maximum dust intake and the multiple filters employed keep the room air fresh as ever. In this system, the motor, filters and seals work simultaneously to control the airflow through the cleaner; with the motors hermetically sealed. This ensures that there is no leaking around the filters or through any of the tiny gaps; this makes sure that the dust stays only in the bag and nowhere else.

Multilayer Dust Bags:

The dust bags of Bosch have got multilayer construction, which retains the dust in the bags and keeps the air circulation free. They have a capacity of four litres. The thicker walls and expansion feature of the bags makes sure that you are given optimum suction. With their feature of dust sealing, you never have to worry again about dust escaping back into your clean room. Another very useful feature that Bosch has included, relating to the dust bag is that, the vacuum automatically cuts out when the dust bag is not in place.

Tools on Board:

The floor tools offered in the package are brilliant and they include the crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle. But unfortunately, the upholstery nozzle is too small and keeps falling out of its retainer, a brush attachment for this unit would have been better. Bosch has let us down by not offering a brush dusting head as with the other makes. The turbo brush sweeps off your dirty carpets in no time and the hard floor tool has brushes that are specially designed soft rolling brushes to sweep off even the smallest particle of fluff and dust, unfortunately this model does not have one. We just kept wondering why Bosch has done so.

Multi-stage Filtration:

 Bosch BSGL4000GB Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner has multi stage filtration feature that makes sure that the exhaust air from the vacuum is cleaner than the room air. In addition to this, the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter in the device captures the microscopically small particles like pollen and bacteria ensuring that the exhaust air is about 99.97% clean. The best part that the pet owners and smokers can smile about is that, the active carbon filter in the BSGL4000GB filters odours from pets and cigarette smoke.

The package of BSGL4000GB includes a classic starter pack with 10 dust bags and two micro filters.

Bosch are so confident about the reliability of their BSGL4000GB cylinder vacuum that it comes with a two year parts and labour guarantee along with an in-home repair service, if something goes wrong with the device.

The Bosch BSGL4000GB Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is an all rounder providing you with a fantastic all round performance. It is really very hard to go past this vacuum cleaner with features like HEPA filter, the powerful motor, the adjustable floor tool and tools on board. The classy performance of the cleaner also compliments its features. Though the absence of Turbo brush is disappointing, the other tools offered, compensate it by doing a great job. With the budget price tag over it, it is really worth every penny on it. We have no hesitations in recommending this unit for all round performance.