Instagram is one such social media platform that is more versatile than complicated. Along with increasing your connections on the platform, it also facilitates business accounts, especially for the purpose of providing a means for small businesses to grow. You, as an entrepreneur, can very conveniently and efficiently build your connections and help people know you and your services. Thus, it provides a great means to start your journey right from zero. However, an easy solution to your bigger problems would be to buy Instagram followers. If that’s something you have not heard about before, this article is the one to help you guide with building your profile by increasing the number of existing followers in no time. But the question arises as to whether it is a legit means to get desired results? To know more, keep reading.

Some relevant information

Buying followers on any platform is not an easy job to do owing to the fact that mostly the service providers tend to attract fake followers to your profile, and that is not something anyone would be looking for in all probability. Many service providers involve bots into your account to attract fake attention in bulk, and keeping away from the same is necessary. Engaging on a platform for long hours together cannot be a suitable option for you to help your profile grow. But on the contrary, there can be an alternative to buying followers, i.e., naturally, build your account by legit means.

Natural building vs. buying followers

Though buying followers can apparently seem to be an easy option for most people who do not have time to invest in their accounts, there are certain limitations that one needs to undertake while buying followers. However, naturally building one’s profile can definitely take some time, but the outcome would be all genuine, and that’s how you can reach the crowd. Embarking on some simple steps such as promoting accounts on other platforms, creating product posts, detailed Igtv videos, etc., is a means to make people attracted towards your work that you have to offer to the people. Also, posting engaging content on a regular basis can help in retaining the existing members on your follower list. Genuine followers look for genuine options on the net, too. Thus you can not be disappointed in that aspect.


There are certain disadvantages that a person can be entitled to buying followers on the Instagram platform. Some of them may be enlisted as under:

  • Damages your reputation
  • Might have the chance of getting banned
  • Short-term results that cannot actually build your profile
  • No engagement in the profile and only high followers

Apart from the above-mentioned point, the greatest impact is caused by a reputation that has been hampered due to the fake followers that the bots attract. Faith is something that can be easily lost than gained, and hence you don’t want people to lose faith in your profile.

Sum up

To come to a concluding point, no matter whichever means you adopt for growing your Instagram account, the ultimate goal is to make the followers happy about your existence on the platform. Thus, with passing time, reach more people by means of interacting with them and providing opportunities for them to contact you, one can get to know what the people are expecting out of you on your account, be it in terms of content or product posts or videos. Therefore, you too get your business propagated on Instagram by increasing following either by buying or by natural means.