There is always someone in our school, college, work-life, or social life whom we end up liking. Having a crush on someone is not bad, but the thought that they do not like you back is crushing. People try different methods to try to talk to their crushes, be friends with them, get to spend some time with them, but do these factors work? How many of you have come across memes on social media regarding your crush not liking you back, and you have related to it? People ask how long does a crush last?  Let this article answer them for you. 

What are some of the most effective ways of getting your crush to like you back? 

Love is not easy, but you have to agree that the world has seen many results of true love and passion. So, is it impossible for your crush to like you? No, we have many famous examples to prove that sometimes, you can end up getting married to them, as well. So, how do you achieve the task? Why not try some of these methods: 

  • Put yourself out there – naturally, it is scary when you have to accept your feelings to someone or ask them out on a date, but you got to do it. It is a part of life, after all. You can ask them to go on a study date, or you can go out of your way to do something unique and rather special for them. When you confess you love to someone, they don’t need to like you back, but they can get attracted to you, and that can act as a beneficiary. It so happens that when the significant other see your interest, they start developing feelings for you. They start giving you a place in their hearts, but that does not mean that you stop trying because it is a fragile condition, they can lose interest faster than they can develop.  
  • Listen – people often say that there is a difference between hearing and listening. Do you know what it means? When you hear someone, you barely register their words in your head. or you do not try to understand them, but when you listen to them, you note every word that comes out of their mouth, and you try to put yourself in their position to understand. You try to give them a suggestion and participate actively in the conversation. Listening can make any relationship better, and since everyone loves a good listener, seeing this feature in you, they will get attracted to your nature and attitude. 
  • Find out about their hobbies and passion – people often forget that knowing each other is one of the most critical aspects of being in a relationship. It is the reason why misunderstandings take place. So, try learning new things about your crush. Learn their passion and hobbies, and try to do stuff that makes them realize that you remember. 
  • Make eye contact – people do not realize the importance of eye contact. When you converse with someone, frequent eye contact ensures that you are listening to them or are interested in them. Your crush will feel that you are attracted to them and give their words some importance. 
  • Buy them a hot drink – this might sound a little absurd, but according to professionals, whenever your crush is holding a hot liquid, they tend to like the maturity of the individual. They get attracted to your attitude. 
  • Always confess your feelings – most common in men, it is the issue that takes them down. Usually, people refrain from sharing their feelings or thoughts regarding anything. While initially, it is okay to do so because you may not trust the other individual, but you have to do it someday. So, when you have established a place where you trust each other, and you feel that you can share your thoughts, you should always let it out. It shows the significant other that you care about their emotions, and you give them the importance that they deserve. It is one of the most effective methods of attracting someone to you. 
  • Always be yourself – you can win a heart by disguising yourself, but you will always end up showing your true self. What if, after they are ready to be with you, but end up disliking the change? To avoid such situations, you should always be yourself. 

Does a crush last forever? 

A common question that people ask is, how long does a crush last? Infatuation lasts for four months only. These are feelings that you make you romanticize regarding someone you do not know, so these feelings are different from love, which is why it can end in four months. 

Follow these methods to attract your crush today!