Length of the Paddle

When buying paddle as your boat accessory, one of the most crucial factors that you need to consider is the length of the paddle. Basically, a low angle stroke needs a longer shaft for it to reach the water. Hence, most boaters prefer using a 220 to 240 cm long paddle. On the other hand, a high angle stroke is perfect for a shorter paddle because a more vertical stroke doesn’t necessarily mean to fully reach the water. Usually, this kind of paddle is 2015 to 215 cm long.

Paddle Materials

Another factor that you should consider when buying paddle boat accessories is the paddle materials. Yes, there are several paddles that you can find in the market that range in brands and models. But it is advisable to always consider durability and quality of the materials where the paddles are made from. Generally, aluminum shafts are considered to be durable yet very affordable. This kind of paddle material is ideal for lake house. You may also opt to buy carbon fiber shafts which are stiff and light making them ideal for performance. Another paddle material is fiberglass. This is also rigid and light and also very economical just luik used paddle board.

Blade Size

The size of the blade of the paddles should also be given attention. Ideally, paddles that have large blades give more leverage on the water. This makes them perfect for people who perform technical maneuvers on the water. On the other hand, smaller blades are ideal for less powerful boaters or kayakers and also for those boaters who are looking for a more efficient stroke. Choosing the right size of blade would mainly depend on the kinds of activities that you do. It is still better to consult with your local shops for better suggestion.

Blade Shape

Another factor you need to pay attention to when buying paddle boat accessories is the shape of the paddle itself. The shape of the blade that you need for your paddle will be determined by the angle of your stroke. As such, a high angle stroke needs short, wide blade while a low angle strike needs a long narrow blade. Aside from the outline of the blades, it is also important to take into consideration the performance enhancing shapes of your boat paddle. You can choose whether it is dihedral angles or asymmetrical profiles.

Paddling Styles

If you are looking for a paddle that implies less fatiguing stroke, a low angle stroke is the ideal paddling style for you. This will keep the paddle shaft closer to horizontal. As a result, you will experience less fatigue while paddling compared to other paddles with different styles. If you are a type of boater who performs technical maneuver or heavy kayaking, high angle stroke is the best deal for you. Since the shaft of this paddling style is held closer to vertical while the blade is located in the water, you will be able to get more strength and power.

Angle of Feather

As a boater, you need to understand the use of feather. Basically, it is the angle difference between the blades. Feather allows boaters to reduce the wind’s effect on the blade that is out of the water. Basically, you have 3 choices when choosing the angle of feather.: right, left and neutral. For better and right choice, it is advisable to consult with your local shops. They will ask you some questions about your boat such as its size, model and even the kinds of activity that you do so they can suggest the right angle of feather.