Some naturopaths recommend cleansing your digestive tract of waste products, which have accumulated there, by use of the salt water flush. If you have digestive problems, for instance, the salt water flush can greatly help alleviate the symptoms.

When your system is clogged, or almost clogged with waste products, and a salt water flush is carried out, then you can expect to feel better, in so many ways.

This method we used on problems such as constipation is a wonderful alternative. Instead of the use of harsh medications, which can sometimes do more harm than good.

Salt, as everyone knows, is essential for the body to function efficiently, but saline levels are greatly reduced by exercise, or other forms of exertion. This is why a very popular sports drink in America, contains salt to help re-establish the electrolyte balance of the body.

The normal salt, one purchases in the local supermarket is not that healthy, or even natural. Sea salt contains more natural minerals, but even sea salt is far less efficient for bodily functions, then the Himalayan salt, which is far more natural and contains a great deal of minerals lacking in either sea salt or ordinary supermarket salt.

However, for this article, we shall confine our comments to sea salt, which when used as a laxative eliminates from your digestive system various impurities, whilst giving your body, minerals, perhaps lacking in your diet.

Remember that people will ulcers, illness and the digestive system, or even cancer, etc should do their due diligence and check with their health provider. Before embarking on this process of intestinal cleansing.

To make this salt water flush yourself, take a half gallon of warm water and mix in two teaspoonfuls of sea salt (unrefined). If you experience difficulty in swallowing it. You may add some lemon juice. The effect on people varies after swallowing this salt water flush. You may find yourself going to the toilet in a few hours. I know it’s sometimes difficult, at first, to swallow the solution, but please try as the benefits outweigh this small discomfort.

When you get used to it and are able to take it more easily, the many benefits will be obvious to you. You might find your sinuses clearing and be able to breathe more easily. Your moods could improve, because you could find yourself with much more energy.

Salt water flushes had been recommended for many years and is to be found in forms of folk medicine, where it is sometimes used as an antihistamine and cold cure. You should also expect your skin tone to improve; halitosis to be markedly reduced, and far less BO, if you had suffered from that, prior to the treatment.

You can also enhance the effect of the salt water flush by eating properly. Reduce fats and increase fresh fruit and vegetables, and you will find a great increase in energy and self pride, as you will be both feeling and looking much better