There are 3 stages of a human being’s life-childhood, youth and old age with the latter being the phase where everyone lives it based on how their life has been up to that point.

Some have seen and been through enough turmoil to have it in them to keep going and virtually give in to old age with all the ailments and diseases or, in other words, they have simply resigned to fate and want this life to be done with.

The second type are the ones that are jovial and happy go lucky that desire to live their last days to the fullest with a smile, which is why you would see they steer clear of negativity and are constantly cheerful come what may.

Fashion Sense

There are mixed reactions when it comes to young gen folks but one thing that is universally agreed upon is that they have a good fashion sense that inspires their predecessors to live life king size.

Now everyone has a different taste when it comes to choice of clothes and all want the silkiest fabric that gone go well on the skin as that is the most comforting feeling to have it touched and caressed by clothes made from it.

There is an iron clad reason as to why the textile industry has been booming since the past century irrespective of the country and that’s just because the designers come up with unique designer wear clothes to cater to each generation and they are growing great guns.

What’s more, many of these designers have attracted the attention of Hollywood where you can see many of them designing clothes for the biggest film stars across the globe.

This isn’t just confined to the entertainment genre but has spread its wings far and wide with other platforms as well like branding and advertising that we are going to talk about now.

It is the brand power that helps clothes to sell at a faster pace while the fabric acts as a mediator while the labeling process is to denote the company with its logo shining in full glory to represent the cloth in question.


You have to give to the modern day designers for their creativity and innovation that makes them come up with such popular designs that piques the interest of the common people in a jiffy that results in such huge sales every year, which is why business is in its booming phase.

The name labels found in clothes communicate a language of serenity where the details are embedded with colors of different hues where the culture of each state perfectly reflects in them.

The designers know well that the clothes might be torn or shrink if they are too wet with the passage of time so they are careful to add a warning on the label so that people can follow the instructions given on them and handle them just as given in the label.

Every new cloth comes with renewed hopes for the consumers and the brand as it has their name written all over it.