Whether you’ve moved locations or are changing insurance, you may find yourself looking for a new dentist. With so many to choose from where do you start?

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Factors in Choosing a New Dentist

Here are some steps you can take to find the right dentist for you!


First gather the dentists that are closest to you. Most likely you’ll prefer not having to drive across town to an appointment. Try gathering the closest 10 or 20 local offices.

One exception to this would be a recommendations from friends or family.

Insurance Coverage

While most dentists should take your insurance, it may be worth double checking before having to pay huge out-of-pocket expenses you didn’t think you would be responsible for.

Do you homework!

Recommendations & Reviews

Consider asking friends or family which dentist they see. Recommendations is probably the most common way that people pick who they’ll see for oral care and services

You can also look online for information, recommendations and reviews. This can be useful to see what current patients are saying about these local places.

Service Costs

One way to sort through local dentists is to compare prices for common procedures such as cleanings, cavities, x-rays and more. Perhaps you’ll be paying a co-pay, but if you perhaps you won’t reach your deductible for the year.

Call around and gather some prices.

Office Size

If you have a preference on the size of the business, then you can use this as a filter too. Perhaps a small office is more comforting for you as opposed to a larger scale dentist office with a full reception area.

Ease of Scheduling

If an office is very popular or busy, it can be difficult to get in for an appointment. You may have to book over 2 months out, which can be frustrating if you have a dynamic schedule yourself and need to reschedule.

However being busy can be a sign of a very good reputation depending on the size of the dentist office.

It is worth considering though that if an office is busy or popular that they’re probably very good and reputable. You need to weigh best service vs ease of scheduling. If you only want very good dentists working on your teeth, its likely worth putting up with the busy scheduling.