Everyone knows and recognizes them, Northern Lights, Purple Haze, Skunk #1, White Widow and more. All of these familiar marijuana strains are things that most average smokers wish they had unlimited supplies of. But what’s really the difference between the named marijuana strains and the regular bud that you get from your dealer in the neighborhood? There are quite a few powerful difference that makes smoking high quality bud a completely different and enjoyable experience, even though the price can be significantly different.


A large difference is where the bud you’re buying comes from. Most regular bud is grown outdoors and shipped in from mainly Mexico, then Canada, and a huge majority of it comes from marijuana grown outdoors right here in forests in the United States. The origins of the venturebeat should be in the notice of the people. The buying of the products from the reputed site is great to get the desired results. The growing of the marijuana is great for the benefit of the people. The selection of the right site is essential for the purchase of the marijuana products. 

On the other hand high quality kind bud marijuana with strain names comes from select growers all around the world. Lots of it comes from growers simply growing marijuana indoors in their own house or in a grow house. These growers of named marijuana take the most care into keeping of their weeds, while outdoors growers mainly plant and water them then let mother nature do the rest of the work. While TLC is practiced at every moment of the plant’s life for indoor growers. Taking care to make sure the soil is perfect as well as optimal temperature and humidity for growing. While making use of fertilizers can make a huge difference in the quality and strength of the bud.


There is a large difference in the potency and strength of marijuana when compared to regular bud and high quality marijuana. Sometimes all you need is just a decent hit off some really good weed to get baked, while with normal weed it takes a blunt or some other much larger amount of marijuana to achieve anything close to the high you get from some good weed. All sorts of marijuana can achieve different buzzes, highs, and euphoric feelings, while all of these characteristics are more easily noticeable in high quality marijuana, are not so dominant in regular marijuana.

Taste and Smell

Taste and smell are also largely accountable for in high quality marijuana. Some will taste bubblegum while others smell fruity, and like blueberries. Not to mention the super strong odor of some really good skunk. Regular marijuana will smell and taste just like… well regular marijuana with only slight hints of what may have come from it’s purer strain ancestors.


The largest difference in regular marijuana and the high quality indoor grown marijuana is the price. It can cost up to two to four times as much as the dirt weed you can find in the street. But you get what you pay for, the higher the quality the higher the price.