You can grow your own flowers right in your window boxes with these portable window boxes made from inexpensive plastic containers and shelf brackets. Nothing dresses up the front of a house quite like a window box overflowing with brightly colored flowers. Unfortunately window boxes can be expensive to buy and filling them with nursery grown flowers is expensive too. Do it yourself with these quick and easy window boxes.

Check your local dollar store for inexpensive window box planters. These come in a variety of colors and designs to suit any décor and generally sell for a few dollars. Those designed to sit on a railing are fine. You can also use any rectangular container that is lightweight and durable.

Purchase inexpensive metal shelf brackets at your local hardware store. You will need brackets that are at least to inches longer than the width of your window box. You will need at least two brackets for each window box. Heavier boxes may need three brackets.

Measure the box and mark the brackets so that you can bend the ends up to hold the window box. Use a set of pliers to bend the ends up to form a lip to prevent your window box from sliding off. Attach to the house at the appropriate level with screws. Adjust to fit your window box.

To avoid the expense of purchasing flowers for your window box, simply fill the box with a lightweight potting mixture and start you seeds inside for spring display.

Look for seeds for plants with light requirements to match the location of your window boxes. Follow the directions for planting depth and dampen the soil. Sit your window box on a sunny windowsill or a table near a window. Be sure to keep the soil moist.

When your seedlings have grown their first set of true leaves, begin to water weekly with Miracle Gro. Some choose to mix a weak solution of Miracle Gro and water and use it with every watering. Do not use a solution that is stronger than recommended. This is one case when more is not better.

When it is time to harden off your plants, simply set the planter on the brackets for a few hours each day to accustom them to outside conditions. Bring the boxes in each night to protect your plants from chilly overnight temperatures.

These portable window boxes are a great way to customize your window boxes without the expense of buying flowers at the local greenhouse. Protection from late spring frosts or extending the growing easy is quick and easy. If a frost is expected, simply pick up your window boxes and move them to a protected location for the night.

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