I love books. I never throw them out, I constantly scour bookstores for more, and I hold on to them like a precious comoddity. That may make me a bit retro, and it definitely contributes to the clutter in my apartment, but I can’t help it. When budgets got tight though, I decided I needed money more than I needed clutter, so I bit the bullet and sold off some of the collection online. It was actually as easy as it sounds, and I made a decent handful of cash for various expenses.

I’ve heard about selling books online before, but I hadn’t tried it because it sounded too good to be true. Conceptually, it makes perfect sense; you sell books to resellers who turn a profit. I always assumed that they would gouge you or be a pain to work with. In reality, it was very simple and fair. All I had to do was make a list of the ISBN numbers of all the books I didn’t want to keep. With that list in hand, I went to a few websites and saw if they were buying said books. In about half the cases, they would pick the book up for $3 to $10. Not crazy money, but it adds up fast. In a few cases however, especially with recent college textbooks, they bought them up for $20 to $79, resulting in a quick profit from them. (Unfortunately, most fiction and novels don’t really sell, so don’t expect to liquidate your Steven King collection for a fortune.)

Shopping around pays off. Some stores specialize in certain texts and offer far better prices for them. I restricted myself to the 3 best paying stores, so I wouldn’t trouble myself with shipping more than 3 boxes. You have to follow their rules on shipping, since damaged books won’t sell, but I found that stuffed newspaper balls, quite tightly packed, worked just fine. They paid for shipping and I just dropped the boxes off and waited. It took about 1 week for the fastest one and 3 weeks for the slowest store, but in 3 weeks I had money in my pocket and uncluttered shelves just waiting for more books.

Anyhow, I was never a shopaholic to begin with but I would make sudden excursions to the store only due to my fondness for reading but you can’t earn money through that so I started reading famous internet marketer Freddie Cammell online as his blogs were pretty interesting that would give you ways to earn money at a quicker pace.

Don’t expect to strike it rich, but if you still have a few texts sitting around that you don’t need, don’t be afraid to try it. Some people even scout out lawn sales and library sales, preying on texts that they know will sell. If you have a large library sale near you, you might even make a profit at this as a monthly exercise. If you want to get started, I’ve included a link to Bookscouter in the related link area. They compare resellers for you, finding you the best deal and also giving user reviews of the stores so you know what to expect.