A high percentage of people today are willing to spend even higher percentages of their income on weight loss products, or health-food. However, the weight-loss industry has no interest in helping the public obtain such information, and therefore commercializes all sorts of products that not only don’t help to lose weight, but in fact add to it.

In order to get to the root of the problem, it is crucial to understand the elements that make up the human diet. These are basically placed into 3 categories: Carbs (Carbohydrates), Fats (Triesters of Glycerol and Fatty Acids) and Proteins (Long peptide chains of amino-acids). The Carbs give your body instant energy, the fats are like a battery for the body, in that, when there aren’t enough carbs left, the body begins to dig into the fat residue. Proteins are used to create new tissue to replace old one, and do not thus relate directly to weight-loss. Now on to the 5 ways of losing that extra flab:

  1. Eat meat

Yes, you heard me. Meat is around 90% protein, which means that it only puts your stomach to work only not to have it digest itself. The body needs protein constantly, but if it doesn’t get any carbs (there’s not much carbs in meat) it will burn extra fatty tissue. You might think “Oh, meat is WAY fat,” but even if you eat fat while on a diet, it doesn’t really matter, because the body is going to burn it anyway if you keep to your diet. Which brings me to #2:

  1. Not all fats are created equal

You might have heard of trans fats. These buggers are much like the chewing gum of the fat world. Instead of having “bent” molecules, these are more stick-shaped, meaning they clog up all sorts of things inside the body, and won’t come loose. Second, saturated or ‘hydrogenated’ fats MAY not be the best choice while on a diet, but they still don’t compare to trans fats. The only way to avoid trans-fats is to avoid eating at large fast-food chains. It might taste good, but go there at most once per month. That way, it’ll be your little treat, your little special thing of the month, which cannot be said if you go there on a daily basis.

  1. No sugar, bread or sodas/cokes/pops

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s really the most important rule of all. These things all contain anough carbs to last for an entire day. If our body gets all its energy from the carbs, it won’t need to burn any fat, and we would be getting nowhere fast. What about Diet sodas then? Diet sodas all contain artificial sweeteners which are all quite poisonous. Besides, the need for sweets won’t go away without the real thing: carbs. So hands-off and you’ll thank me later.

  1. Work out Run around a bit

Again: DUH! But large amounts of exercise don’t help much. A simple 50-footlong run will suffice, because it gets your body into position to brace itself for a long run. You then trick it by stopping to rest. The technology behind this technique relies of the fact that once you start up the human body real good, it burns 150% more carbs than normal, allowing more time for fat-burning. That short run for the bus and the really long pant afterwards can help you get closer to those models you envy so.

  1. No alcohol

Another no-brainer. The vast majority of people gets depressive because of extra weight, and goes on a drinking binge hoping for the best. Really, the only thing alcohol gives you is a dry mouth and a headache. Since alcohol readily mimics carbohydrate structure, the body tries to convert it to energy, managing only to create Formaldehyde, which leads to headaches. The worst part is it blocks essential carbs from being burnt up quicker so the body can get started on the fats. Matters are further complicated by alcohol readily binding to partially-burned fats to produce false fats called Ethyl Esters, which damage the Central nervous system. They also give you aggressive diarrhea, depriving your body of essential minerals and water.

Just by following these free rules will get you thin in no time.  Along with changes in eating habits, hip dip fillers will reduce the weight of the person from hips to thigh. The reduction will be done through injecting injections at the hip of the person.

Good luck, and remember: there’s nothing to lose except weight!