Privacy note, is an important part of your daily life. You may have never heard about it before, but if you’re a smartphone user, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that little pop-up that appears on the screen when you get a new message or notification from someone. No more requirement of being worried over getting privacy leaks or your personal chat being opened by others. Today internet has tools such as private note and several options to control the same. It not only helps you get the quality option but can also help you get several better options. So having control over these and choosing the right path is the accurate need of every consumer using online options for chatting and related activities.

Privacy notes are all over our smartphones, and they can be used to protect your privacy in many different ways. They help you keep people from seeing who you’ve been communicating with, and by extension, what you’ve been saying to them. Privacy notes also allow you to block certain contacts, as well as see who has accessed your contact list. 

Let me show you how to use privacy notes to protect your privacy. First, we’ll talk about how to set up privacy notes for yourself. Then we’ll look at how to set up privacy notes for others. Finally, let’s take a look at some privacy note tips and tricks so you can maximize their power. 

How To Set Up Your Own Privacy Notes On Android 

To set up your own privacy notes on your phone, you just need to go into the settings menu on your device. Tap on Privacy &; Security, and then tap on Settings. Now, scroll down to find the option called “Personal Data”. From here, you will be able to set up the options for your privacy notes. 

Tap on Personal Data and then choose which type of data will be included in your notes. There are four types of data that can be selected: Phone Number, SMS Messages, Contacts, and Call Logs. If you would like to include any other type of information, feel free to select it. 

Now, you must decide whether you want to have all of your notes automatically cleared after a specified amount of time. If this option is not checked, then your privacy notes will stay active until you delete them. However, if the option is checked, then your privacy notes will remain active for only the amount of time specified in your settings. 

Next, you should check the box next to “Show my personal data” in order to make sure that everyone can see your privacy notes. This is extremely important because you don’t want anyone to accidentally discover something that you wanted them to see, thus violating your privacy. 

Finally, click on OK to save your changes and exit out of the privacy settings menu. 

How To Set Up Your Own Privacy Notes On iOS 

On your iPhone, you can set up your own privacy notes using Control Center. To do so, open Control Center on your phone, and then swipe right to reveal the Privacy section. Here, you can create your own privacy notes. 

Select the Contact you wish to add to the privacy note, and then tap on Add Note. A popup window will appear where you can write your privacy note. When you’re done writing your note, tap on Done. 

If you’d like to change the visibility of your privacy note, simply touch and drag the circle to the left or right to adjust its size. Once you’re satisfied with the position and size of the circle, click Save to exit out of the control center and return back to your home screen. 

How To Set Up Privacy Notes For Others On Android 

Setting up privacy notes for others isn’t quite as easy as setting up your own privacy notes. The process is actually similar, but there are a few differences. 

First, you must enable the Advanced features option under Settings, then tap on Privacy. Next, tap on Advanced Options, and select the option labeled “Set custom privacy note.” 

On the following screen, you can either set up a privacy note for yourself or another individual. In order to set up a privacy note for someone else, you must first enter their email address. Then, you can select the contact(s) that you would like to share this privacy note with. 

Once you’ve entered a name, tapped on Select, and then tapped on Done, you will see the option to name the note. This is really handy because you can give each note a unique name so that they always remain separate from one another. 

You can also access this same privacy note screen again to edit the settings. This allows you to change the name of the note, add additional contacts, or even remove the note entirely. 


How To Set Up Privacy Notes For Others On iOS 

Setting up privacy notes for others on iOS is very similar to how you set up your own privacy notes. All you need to do is open Control Center and tap on Privacy and then tap on Advanced Options. 

On the next screen, touch on the contact you wish to add to the privacy note. Then, tap on Add Note and begin typing your note. 

This process is identical to editing existing privacy notes as well. Simply tap on the note you wish to edit, and then hit Edit. You can now rename the note, add more contacts, or remove it altogether. 

Use Privacy Notices To Protect Your Privacy 

Privacy notes are a great way to protect your personal information such as your phone number, contact list, text messages, and call logs. With them, you are able to hide private information from prying eyes while still being able to easily access it whenever needed. 

But why do you have to manually edit the privacy notes? Why can’t you just leave them alone? Well, if you aren’t careful, you could end up violating the privacy of others without realizing it. So, if you’re going to use privacy notes, it’s best to follow these steps to ensure maximum protection.