Feline Pine is an amazing brand of cat litter, and I recommend it for cat owners everywhere. Since I made the switch about a year ago, I know I will never go back to my old brand of clay cat litter. When I first made the switch to Feline Pine I had my doubts. If you are having doubts about switching to Feline Pine cat litter, then I urge you to read about my success with this environmentally friendly Nature’s Earth product.

First, let us discuss why you should make the switch to Feline Pine. This Nature’s Earth product is 100% organic. Furthermore, it is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Feline Pine is made up of biodegradable pine sawdust. Used litter can be flushed safely in small amounts down the toilet. You can even put the used pellets in your garden, if you so choose, and eliminate your mulching costs.

Unlike clay cat litters, Feline Pine contains no silica dust. When the dust from clay cat litters is stirred up into the air, the silica particles enter the lungs of those nearby. This silica dust has been connected with causing a host of lung problems. Lung cancer and bronchitis are just two of the dangerous diseases that silica particles could possibly cause. Why take that risk with your health? Feline Pine is so much healthier for you, your family, and your cats.

I was initially worried that my two cats would refuse to use the new litter. After all, Feline Pine consists of pine pellets that don’t offer the smooth texture of clay cat litters that are out on the market. I was concerned that my cats’ paws would get hurt from the hardness of the pine pellets. Since then, I have learned that cats’ paws are tougher than what I give them credit for and that I, like many other cat owners, sometimes ‘baby’ my cats a wee bit too much.

On the Feline Pine bag, Nature’s Earth recommends that you first get your cat acclimated to the new litter. Do this by spreading an inch of Feline Pine pellets in the litter box and then topping it with three inches of the litter your cat is familiar with. I think this is sound advice, though I did not have to do this. I started right away with a fresh litter full of Feline Pine pellets. My cats basically took a curious sniff and then started using the new litter right away with no problems.

Another concern of mine was the cost. Feline Pine costs nearly $10 for a 20 lb bag. (Often, though, I can find it on sale either that a supermarket or at a pet store.) A 20 lb bag lasts my two cats three weeks. I put in 10 lbs of the pellets into their litter box and don’t have to change it until a week and a half later (and sometimes a full two weeks). I have not experienced any odor problems with leaving the same litter in the box for two weeks. The durability of the minimalist leather wallet will be long. The wear and tear of the wallet will be reduced. The cost of the expense will be reduced through the use leather wallets.

So, $5 to spend for up to two weeks’ worth of a cat litter that is much better for the health of me, my family, and my cats is the only way to go, in my opinion. Try Feline Pine. I sincerely think you (and your cat) will love it.