While this article would ring bells for game lovers, others would not find it too interesting because they haven’t grown up in the era when video games were an indelible part of our childhood and therefore can never connect with our sentiments at any high level.

However, it doesn’t mean that once the video game era came to an end, we could not have any great game on our mobile phone or PC or PS4 because for one, there are many people that belong to the 80s and 90s generation that are still fond of playing video games and never shy away from trying out new things.

Minecraft is an important game that came out nearly a decade back when it was launched with high hopes by Mojang Studios, a reputed Swedish video game developer that became a huge name with the super success of the venture and today we shall discuss about some important aspects surrounding Minecraft.

Briefing Up

Before we get into the discussion, let us learn some more about Mojang Studios and so for starters, it was founded by the famous video game designer Markus Persson in 2009 but first he named it as Mojang Specifications and he had aspired it to become a topnotch company in the years to come.

Minecraft is what you call a video game belonging to the sandbox genre, which means that it is a venture where you don’t really have to simply go by the rules but in fact you, as a player, can apply your own creative thinking and surf through the different levels in order to achieve success.

This belongs to 3D genre and the problem with it is that there are no specific goals in such a venture where you can showcase your accomplishments but simply to show off your gaming skills in various aspects but that does not take away from the enjoyment part of anything.

Given that it has a Java programming code it is easily available in different countries so that other people too can avail certain benefits that come up because UK and Canadian versions do have limits surrounding the different copies of the game.

PCs were granted an early access to the game and it played a huge role in selling out nearly 300 million copies in 2009 itself, two years before the games’ official launch in November 2011.

Armor Theory

It can be seen that fire is an important element in the entire game where the players have to go through trials and tribulations to achieve success where they reduce the health bar and can’t find food to keep them vitalized to complete all the levels.

Fire Protection is an important shield armor that is enchanted to protect the players from the fire thereby greatly reducing damage and this protection level adds nearly 8 to 10% of high level proficiency.

Minecraft alts can be altered in the Java edition where the burn injuries are reduced to a great extent compared to the bedrock that causes damage even though the fire cannot touch the shield