Now that I have finished entering and labeling my Amazon Inventory, it is time to prepare these items for inbound shipment to the Amazon warehouse. Fulfillment by Amazon is very specific on how they want their sellers to prepare and send their merchandise to the warehouses across the country and around the world. By following this process, your items will arrive and be activated online in a timely manner.

Uploading your Inventory to Amazon

Once you have completed your inventory for this shipment, you can review the list of merchandise you have prepared by selecting the List button under the LISTTEE logo at the top of the applications main page. This list will show you all of the items, you have entered, their conditions, quantity and which warehouse they are going to. In order to make your process easier, sort your inventory prior to listing them so that your entire shipment has related items (such as books and movies) so that they will all be going to the same warehouse. Once you are ready to send the listing to Amazon, click the Upload to Amazon button at the bottom of the window and wait for confirmation from listtee.

Just make sure thatyou name the product exactly as it is named otherwise you might end up with the wrong product like for example helium then you must know its exact name in order to avoid calling at the Helium 10 Help Center.

Selecting a Packing Box

When you are looking for a box to ship your items to an FBA warehouse, you need to consider cost effectiveness and the size and weight of your items. Double walled cardboard boxes are stronger and will more easily hold together while in transit from your location through UPS and eventually to the FBA warehouse floor. Cheaper boxes will likely fall apart with 50lbs of weight in them. I would also note that when possible, you may ship your inventory with banana boxes. This is great for shipping books. Just be sure to secure the holes in the top and bottom of the boxes with paper to prevent items falling out.

Packing your Box

With experience you will learn to pack your shipping boxes as you enter each item to your inventory to save steps and time. However, as packing be sure to pack the box high and tight. This means that you should line items side by side across the entire box and keep the items positioned so they are snug to avoid shifting in transport. Try to use as much space as possible within the box as you are paying for the size of your shipping box in addition to the weight. Please note that it does not matter what item is in a given box as each item is manually checked in from the paperwork included in each box. Finally, before sealing your box, you need the FBA Inventory sheet for this shipment.

FBA Inbound Paperwork

Once you uploaded your inventory to Amazon, you will be taken to the Amazon inbound site for your shipment. From this site you will confirm your inventory and that each item has a label. You can tell the site how many packing labels you need for the shipment based on the total number of boxes needed for the shipment. These paper have a large barcode on them for the warehouse employees to scan so they can activate each item in the box to the shipment it belongs to. Put on of these in each box before sealing the box with tape.

Next you will input the dimensions and weight for each box in the shipment. Be sure to round the measurements up to the next whole inch and the weight to the next pound as that is how UPS bills for these shipments. You will then be given an estimated total shipping cost and print your shipping labels. Affix the labels to the correct boxes (based on weight and dimensions) and schedule UPS for a pickup through their website or simply drop the boxes off at a local UPS shipper. Now just wait for Amazon to activate your inventory and start making sales.