Start saving money today! Almost every store and restaurant has a website with the option to join or register. By doing so it allows them to send you updates as well as money saving coupons! Some offer 10-20% off your bill, a free appetizer, buy-one get-one free offers, and others may even send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday or anniversary! If you like to save money you will want to take advantage of the savings that are out there waiting for you! I have listed many websites where I have personally registered, but if there is a particular brand or place you shop get online and see where you can save too!


Chili’s – We have received free chips and salsa coupons as well as updates for when kids eat free.

Carino’s – Many times we receive only promotional information, but have received a free dessert and 10% off.

Olive Garden – Mostly promotional emails but occasional savings here and there.

Schlotsky’s-By far the best buy one get one free coupons, buy a sandwich get a free drink or chips, defiantly my favorite!

Golden Corral – We received a complimentary meal on both our anniversary and birthday.

Subway– I just recently signed up and have not received any coupons yet, but can’t wait!

IHOP – Offers a free meal just for signing up plus a free meal on your birthday and anniversary of signing up. The site also allowed me to add my husband and child’s birth date for free meals for them too! GREAT DEAL!

What-a-burger offers promotional deals, however, on their website they did not list in detail what those might be.

Cheddar’s– offers email promotions and hopefully a free cookie monster dessert on birthdays! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Department Stores

Michael’s – Offers several savings coupons a month, you can also follow them on Facebook to get coupons

Kirkland’s– offers some pretty good coupons and you can also follow them on Facebook for savings alerts

Old Navy-Just for signing up I received a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50.00 or more, can’t wait to see what kind of coupons follow!

Grocery Stores

Kroger is not only popular for their in-store card rewards and 10 cents off gas, but you can also sign up online and get coupons added directly to your card so you do not have to clip coupons.

Tom Thumb is my least favorite place to shop, but if they send me a good coupon I’m there!

Albertsons – On the website it was a little difficult to find where to register, but after a little searching I found it.


Marlboro. offers coupons you can print or have mailed with .50 to $1.00 off a pack of cigarettes or $3.00 off a carton. Visit to sign-up

New Port cigarettes also offers coupons through their website at

Rewards amp; Points

Carino’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Freebirds have a point system where you use a card every time you make a purchase. After accumulating a certain amount of points you can redeem them for a free item. Sounds good, but keeping up with cards and points can be a hassle. However, take advantage where you can, the more you save the better!