During most of my life, my health insurance was paid for through the company that I worked for. I felt that purchasing health care through my employer was a good investment in case I became ill. But I was a little concerned about other employees who did not want to waste their money paying for health care when they were not sick. After all, they said, they could always use the emergency room! And when one of my female co-workers became pregnant she told me that Medicaid would pay for the birth so why should she pay for health care.

When people choose not to purchase health care, and then use health care facilities without paying, this drives up the cost of my insurance! When people choose not to purchase health care and expect the government to step in, this drives up the cost of government. This is what happens when you leave the choice to buy any insurance up to the individual. Most will do the responsible thing and purchase insurance to protect themselves, but there is a segment of the population who would rather keep their own money, spend it and then expects everyone else to pay their bills!

This happens with all insurance! We have to pay extra to protect us from the “uninsured motorist”. Many people would choose not to take out homeowners insurance on a home that is still technically owned by the bank until the mortgage is paid for. But Homeowners insurance is required by the bank when you take out the loan. And Car Insurance is required by law for those who would drive a vehicle. You can still choose your policy, the company to purchase it from, and how much protection but you must have it!

The responsible thing for a person to do is to buy Health Insurance. But since they refuse to, thinking they can freeload on the rest of us, then I would support the same requirement as we already have with other insurance. Making people purchase insurance would bring down Hospital Costs, Insurance Costs, and Government Costs which should save money for those of us who are responsible!

The argument is not about Freedom! Freedom is not about dumping your health care cost on everyone else! You do not have the Freedom to be irresponsible when the price is paid by those already paying to protect themselves. In fact those who pay to be responsible should have the Freedom to get the best Health Care that is provided while being assured that they are not being overcharged to cover those who choose to be deadbeats!

The Republican Party has taken a position AGAINST requiring people to be responsible and purchase health insurance. They seem to think it is more important to protect the freedom of those who would take advantage of the system and not protect the freedoms of those who do the right thing! I cannot believe that the Republican Party would choose to defend this irresponsible behavior, the cost of which those of us who have insurance pay for!