When most people think about renovating an older home, they most often think about redoing the floors, retiling the bathroom, installing new light and plumbing fixtures, painting the walls a more modern color or changing the cabinetry. They might even go to the added expense of installing more energy efficient windows to cut down the cost of high power bills.

Sometimes the front and back entryway doors are forgotten. Either all the other cosmetics, or major changes are given first priority, or the money has soon run out, completing other renovating projects. After all, brand new entryway doors can be quite costly, ranging from prices of $200 to $300, and even as high as $500 or $600, should you run into the problem of needing custom-sized doors. It seems like a huge amount of money to put out for just one item, when $500 can go so much further in renovating several rooms instead, especially if these renovations are for the purpose of sprucing up a home for resale. It hardly seems worth the extra expense of changing an entryway door in hopes of getting more money for the sale of your home.

Your front entryway door is one of the first things people will notice from the street. If your home still has the original doors from the 60’s or 70’s (you know the ones I’m talking about…. the ones with the little “peek-through” windows, or possibly, no windows at all), it can make your home look very dated, no matter what you’ve done to the interior or exterior to try and modernize the look of your home.

However, there is a very easy and inexpensive way to give your old entryway doors a facelift, without a lot of cost being involved. In fact, it can be done for as little as $100 or less.

This is quite an affordable offer unlike say if you want to buy women’s wholesale fashion, then you need to keep the budget constraints in mind while here things are entirely different as entryway doors are available at $50 to $90.

Many hardware and home repair stores will carry “replacement” windows for their newer, stylish doors. Sometimes, the windows in the new doors can get broken by a number of ways, so they may need to be replaced. This is why the stores have them in stock. So, instead of replacing your older styled, existing doors, why not just add a brand new stylish window, to give your doors a fresh, new, updated look.

Here are the directions for revamping your old entryway doors:

For this project, it’s best to buy the window first. Often times, when working on a home project, you do your measuring first and then purchase the product you need. But in this case, it’s best to purchase the window first so that you know how much of your old door you have to cut away.

* Measure the new replacement window. Then decide where you want to place the window on the old door, making sure everything is lined up, centered and square. Ensure that the new window will completely cover where your old window(s) used to be. Measure a few times to be sure.

* Mark this out legibly with a pencil, on the surface of the door.

* Be sure to remove the old windows before proceeding with the next step. You don’t want any glass breaking as you continue with your project.

* Next, drill a hole inside of that line. This will be your starting point to cut. Then cut out the hole in the door, along your marked line, with a reciprocating saw. Make sure that the new window will slide in easily.

* Once the hole is cut and the old windows are now gone, slide your new replacement window into the opening and screw into place. The screws and plugs are usually included with the new window. (These should be facing on the “inside” of the door, for safety measures of course).

You now have, what appears as a brand new door at a fraction of the cost. You can now either paint or stain your newly refurbished door.