“How do I get more likes on my fanpage?”

This is a very frequent question on my fanpage and from friends who want my advice on how to improve their fanpages or how to boost traffic to a new page. The good news is, I have done this many times and have now learned some tips and techniques that I am happy to share. The first thing you need to know about getting more likes to your Facebook is that it won’t happen overnight. And you don’t want it to… because fans gained too quickly will not be true likes and they will probably not stick around. They are even less likely to interact with your page or engage your posts. So what’s the point of those likes anyway? How To Get More Views on TikTok? The engagement of the people at the platform will increase the customers at the social media platform. The purchasing of the views will offer plenty of benefits to the business people. The quality of the pictures and videos are high at the social media platform. 

Fanpage owners need to learn that it’s not about quantity and more numbers doesn’t equal a better page. Instead, your fanpage should be a place for you to share news and updates about your company or cause, interact with the people who care about what you’re doing and spread your message. Getting more likes should be about attracting people who will be interested in the content you are sharing.

So with that in mind, how do you get more likes to your Facebook fanpage?

Here are some ways that you can get more likes on your fanpage:

Create consistent content Advertise the fanpage

You need to create a page that people benefit from and you need to share content that is unique, useful and engaging. But then you need to be sure people know about it. This is where the advertising comes in. Once you start letting a few people know, if you have great content, they will tell others and it will grow and grow. So this is how the two steps work together. Now let’s explore each of these ways a little more in-depth.

Create Consistent Content

Your first step to getting more likes on your page is to create consistent content. This is actually the most important step because honestly, what’s the point of bringing in a lot of fans if they’re not going to stay because you don’t give them content they are interested in?

I stick with the rule of 3-5 posts per day spread out at the times that your target market is most likely to be online. This has always worked well for my pages and the pages I manage for clients. With new pages, I start with only 3 posts per day and I move up more on days when there is something very important extra to share or when activity gets really heavy on the page.

In addition to creating great content, you want to be sure you’re consistent with your postings. Wild, erratic posting whenever you feel like it and then forgetting your page will drive away fans.

When you keep it consistent in terms of when you post and how often you post, you will gradually continue to bring in interested fans. In addition to creating great content regularly, you also want to be sure you’re taking time for your page, answering messages and replying to visitors.

Here are some tips on content creation for social media and content marketing.

Advertise Your Fanpage

When you are sure you’re producing great content and you’re ready to bring in some new fans, it’s a good idea to advertise your page. There are several different ways you can do this. First, you want to be sure you announce your new page on all of your current networks, including your website and blog. If you are on other social networks already, then announce your new page there as well.

You can also hold a contest to advertise your new fanpage, or buy some Facebook ads to advertise right within the network. You can tell people about your new fanpage in your brick and mortar location and even on print materials and business cards.