What is the need for a water purifier?

In today’s era, most of the natural resources have been contaminated due to natural as well as human movements and disturbances. Water, air, soil, everything is contaminated with tons of chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and more, these contaminants react with the resources and form up chemical compounds that can cause harm to humans in many ways.

So how do the contaminants harm us? These contaminants cause harm through direct as well as indirect methods. These may include consumption of water without treating it, consumption of vegetables and fruits which are sprayed with pesticides, breathing air of a polluted city, and more. Some of these contaminants are small in size and some are big enough to be seen through naked eyes. The big question is how can we ignore the consequences?

Proper measures have to be taken so that the consequences can be avoided, this includes drinking filtered water only, washing vegetables and fruits well before consumption, and many more. These small steps can save you from a huge threat from the future.

Water purifiers make the water taste good and better smelling by removing out chlorine, chemicals, silver, calcium, nickel, bacterial contamination, and pesticides. By purifying the water you can protect yourself from various diseases and take steps towards better health conditions and energy levels. To lay your eyes on the best water purifier range see it here.

How does a water filter work?

Different water filters work on different principles and have different approaches. But the basic principle on which the filters work is, firstly, the large contaminants present in the water are removed, then the compounds like lead and other volatile organic compounds are separated as the water passes on, finally, the removal of chemicals like chlorine are removed with the help of a chemical reaction.

The result is purified water which is enriched in minerals and other useful compounds. To see how the other water purifiers specifically work you can see it here.

How can we naturally purify drinking water?

Water has many contaminants such as microbes, sand, dust, metals, and other contaminants. These contaminants need to be removed from the water otherwise they might harm us in various ways.

Water purifiers cost a fortune for some of us but those methods are more reliable, the natural methods are cost-efficient yet ineffective in filtering the water completely. There are many ways through which we can purify the drinking water naturally:

  • By boiling it up to or above 100℃ for a good amount of time to remove out the impurities present such as microbes
  • Using traditional methods like sedimentation to purify the water, but these methods can not completely purify the water
  • Disinfecting the water with the help of bleach to kill the microbes
  • Using the process of distillation, the components of the water can be separated by boiling them at different boiling points
  • By the process of chlorination, we add up the chlorine compounds in water to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. This method helps prevent water-borne diseases.