Unlike the stereotypical attitude of most men, I am very comfortable with seeing my doctor for annual physicals. Not only is it provided through my employer’s insurance (although I do pay for it weekly) but also it allows the early detection and treatment of a situation that could become potentially worse. I can relate to a lot of other men, especially around my age, who are terrified of walking into that office, sitting in that cold examining room, and not having anything except past issues of magazines to distract them from what could literally be news of life and death. But to put myself at ease in those rare situations, I compare my body to a motor vehicle since they both have a lot in common. Similar to your body requiring a routine examinations, your transport needs to be “inspected” and “tuned up”. Having a mechanic look over your mode of transportation is an excellent idea especially if they are able to discover a small problem that is inexpensive to repair rather than ignoring it and resulting in costing a lot more to fix later. Thankfully during one of my annual “physical inspections,” my doctor was able to detect a problem that I had not considered possessing. If a person is suffering from bad cholesterol, then the major reason will be excessive weight. Some physical inspection can be done through the person for the selection of resurge dose for weight loss. Assessment of the side-effects should be done through the person so that the results will be effective. 

Normally, whenever I receive my test results a few days after my appointment, I usually open the envelope, briefly look at the typed words, and throw it in a pile. However, on this particular one, someone had taken the time to hand write something on the final page. I’ve learned that if a person has stopped to scribe words on a typically-word-processed document, then it must be important. As I read the notes, for the first time in my life, I was unfortunately diagnosed with high cholesterol and described as “overweight.” I was surprised because if you were to look at me, you would assume I was in perfect health. I have always eaten well-balanced meals, exercised, avoiding consuming too much alcohol, and opposed to most of the population of where I live, I do not smoke. So you can understand why I stood in my driveway with a feeling of disbelief and shock when I received this news.

Because of this, I could have responded in numerous ways, one being that I could ignore it, treat it with medication, or adjust my lifestyle. I chose the latter since the active part of me prefers to be in control of almost every situation especially when it affects my health. I began to increase my daily physical activity by going on a walk for an hour to hour and a half each day. I also decided to sacrifice some of the comfort foods that I had enjoyed such as Debbie Cakes and Hot Pockets. Granted I could abstain from everything that was unhealthy and eat grass on a daily basis, but to avoid further depression I wanted to continue consuming some of my favorite vices. As a result, I figured out a way to enjoy, for example, potato chips: portion control. I could easily eat the entire bag while watching TV which would be unhealthy and increase my cholesterol. However, if I measured a small amount into a bowl and ate it while doing chores around my domicile while having the television turned on, I would be able to indulge myself while continuing to maintain my good health. It did require a lot of will power at first and it was tempting to have a second helping, but after returning with it I would feel guilty as though I had betrayed and disappointed myself. Even though my hunger and yearning were sometimes unbearable, I realized that my small sacrifices would be easier to make than large and more difficult ones later.

A year later, I was proud to receive the news that due to my hard work, I had successfully lowered my cholesterol, lost weight, and even had muscle tone for the first time in my life. A clean bill of health made all of those hunger pains worth enduring and coincidentally saved me enough money to buy some new and used lawn equipment for this summer.