Are you missing out on the fun in the pokemon go in a pandemic? Well, everyone is pretty much depressed from social distancing and lockdown that have restricted movement of everyone in the year 2020. However, taking all the precautions is necessary for controlling the widespread of coronavirus.

Let us look into guide how you can play the game of pokemon go from home easily without concerning regarding getting out. We are here guiding you how the simpler practices have made it possible to practice out gameplay for fun even in the COVID-19 outbreak. To obtain the complete guide, it is essential to read details mentioned until the end. 

How to play pokemon go from home?

You must have read dozens of guides on the web guiding you to play the game in the simpler ways, but when you try to practice it out all you get is confused. We are here providing the simpler guide that allows you to have easy participation into gameplay without much hassle.

People have participated into gameplay practices from its very beginning would surely remember how pleasant the game was in the summer of 2016 when you could go out for the gameplay to capture cute characters or pokemon in the gameplay of pokemon go. However, until everything comes back to normal, you can practice out the changes discovered by the Niantic for the gameplay practices which allow trainers to keep aiming for best in the game from your home only without getting out from your home. 

Additionally, changes have introduced the alters in the game. People in the pandemic can enjoy the gameplay from home only with necessary practices like remote raid pass for making impactful raids without getting out from home and getting guide from home only by seeing the raid on the pokemon radar. You can practice game with more safety with the pokemon game and doing best even in the pandemic situation. 

The changes in the game have made according to gamers playing the game from home that was released on March 12. Niantic made considerable changes like incense duration has been extended from half to an hour to one hour. Distance has been halved for the hatching of eggs. You can get even more gifts than usual from the pokestops when practising it from home. Range of gifts has been increased from 10 to 20 in inventory. Players are provided with a bundle of 30 incense that is available in the shop for the significantly reduced price of one poke coin. 

On March 23, another update was introduced that introduced a new bundle of pokeballs at lesser money. However, these bundles of incense are weekly replaced and making it convenient for people to practice the game. If you are one of them holding safari zone, then you would be benefitted with in-game bonuses along with eight-hour incense in the gameplay. You are provided with a guide that safari zone tasks that your game would be completed surely from home. A genesect event was introduced so that anyone purchasing the event ticket could complete it from home only, and that was the most adaptive changes for an incredible game. 

However, you can also practice out the pokemon go plus for making the game easier for you. You can pick for peripheral that interacts with pokemon go. With pokemon go plus you are provided with Pokeball mixed with a google maps pin, that deals with a different combination of pokemon and real-world travel on your smartphone. It is really easy to practice as you can clip it to your lapel or wear it bracelet for staying connected to your game almost every time and staying connected to gameplay practice for hours and hours to get further into gameplay practice. 

If you are wondering what does pokemon go plus do then it allows you to have information when you are near a pokestop on the game’s map that is provided along with items. If you are fortunate enough then you can also get pokemon eggs. For hatching eggs and powering up the pokemon, you can practice out the necessary steps in gameplay. All of this can be done without looking at the phone. 

Even your phone is off peripheral would vibrate and light up blue when you are approached a pokestop in the real world. This feature is prominent for pokemon go trainers allowing to have better gameplay from home even in this pandemic.

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this up as we have looked into the practice of playing pokemon go from home in the pandemic time and keeping yourself sane at home. For the difficult times, Niantic has introduced considerable changes that can come in handy for gamers allowing them to have better gameplay without stepping out from home and that’s truly great. We hope you find details stated above helpful and easy to comprehend for getting started with pokemon go home only.