Body Building Info-Lately by social networks have asked me whether it is really possible to be vegetarian or vegan and gain muscle mass, and the answer is yes, although not the most suitable option and of course, if already is difficult to gain muscle mass, They are vegetarians and especially vegans being, even more so.

The crazy bulk will allow you to choose the vegetarian diet to have body building. The choosing of the suitable option is possible to have the desired results. You can gain muscle with the correct dosage of the body building of men. The conversion of the complex work into simple is possible.

First, we must distinguish two groups clear, on the one hand they are vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy and other others consume both. These groups are more easily able to make a proper diet focused on lean muscle mass. People who do not eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy and ultimately, any product derived from animals, they must have a wide knowledge of nutrition to get proteins and vitamins needed to maintain their health and muscles.

The importance of proteins and their biological value

The problem that we found when we are vegans is primarily to obtain the proteins necessary for our body, because the nutritional composition of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and tubers, is mostly made ​​up of carbohydrates and fats and fewer proteins.

Furthermore, we have already explained in Vinton on other occasions, that proteins are composed of amino acids and these amino acids are divided into essential, which are those that are not able to produce our body and must be ingested through our food and non-essential amino acids, which they can be produced by our own body. Thus, we must seek sources of food that we provide all essential amino acids we need.

To find out the purity of a protein, there is what is called biological value, and in general protein from lean meats, fish, eggs and milk are of high biological value, while plant proteins usually have a lower value It is why we must learn to combine correctly to get a protein of high biological value.

For example, pulses are deficient in methionine but are high in lysine, while cereals happens just the opposite, thus combining the two foods would cause aprovechásemos complete protein.

The problem that we are here is that if we consume all the calories they need from protein combining vegetables, probably overdo the amount of carbohydrates you need throughout the day, causing you to end of the day we exceed the required calories and too much fat if we win our goal is to gain muscle mass.

Supplements for Vegans and a homemade recipe

Depending on the level at which we are vegetarians or vegans, some come to take protein supplements that offer supplement stores, of which we have also spoken Vitónica explaining exactly where they come from, which could meet the protein deficiencies using such that originate mostly whey.

However, in general, vegans do not accept such supplements because after all, also come from animals. Fortunately, food supplementation and processes on the market advance and there is already a very important range of protein supplements from vegetable sources such as rice, pea or soy protein isolate, which have a fairly complete amino gram.

What we need to increase our muscle mass is also to train properly, correctly periodisation routines strength and hypertrophy, excess heat is consumed, i.e. eat more calories than we spend with our body daily. Excediéndonos roughly 15% or 20% will be more than enough for our body is capable of generating tissues.

A homemade recipe for vegans that gives us about 530 Kcal, of which 200 Kcal will be from 50 grams of protein, is a homemade smoothie siguients composed of ingredients:

  • 40g protein pea, brown rice or soy protein isolate
  • A tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Two bunches of spinach
  • Half cup of blackberries
  • A quarter of nuts
  • Two to three cups of water and three or four ice cubes

Conclusions on veganism and increasing muscle mass

After everything discussed in this article, it is clear that increasing muscle mass being vegan is totally possible example of them are people like Jimmy Sitko, measuring 156cm and round 81kg body weight or, for example athlete calisthenics Frank Medrano , which has a quite balanced, although it has an extremely large amount of muscle mass, but it has muscle.

It is also true that it is not the best way to gain muscle mass, it is much easier to get protein sources suitable for this purpose amino grams when we include in our diet eggs, meats, dairy and vegetables along with fish. It also requires a great knowledge of nutrition and the composition of every food.

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Take this opportunity to also answer a question they have done me by the networks, specifically I have been asked if being a vegan is “healthier” and my response has been that it is neither more nor less healthy, but it requires a fairly high knowledge in the field of nutrition, because, combine foods and supplements to get all the nutrients becomes a fairly complex task. But you can still be healthy vegan, just as it is possible not to be being omnivores if our food choices are not correct.