Although your metabolic rate is a key factor in your health and fitness, it has been the victim of a few misunderstandings. Put simply, your metabolism is a measure of how fast your body burns through calories, but there is still an air of confusion around the subject.

There are two main myths surrounding metabolism:

 It is a fixed rate which you are born with.

 Fat people have a slower rate.

Time to put these myths to bed, there are many factors that affect metabolism, some of which are out of your control. Leptitox will help the people to boost the metabolism with effective results. The boosting of the metabolism will deliver effective results to the people. The gathering of the information will deliver the best results in finding of the best platform for the weight reduction campaign. 

 Genetics –

It is possible to inherit a metabolism, but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone!

 Sex –

Men have relatively more muscle tissue for their size which boosts metabolism.

 Age –

Metabolic rate decreases by around 5% every ten years.

 Hormones –

An under or overactive thyroid gland will slow down or speed up metabolism.

The effect of genetics and sex on metabolic rate is tiny when compared to the effect of your lifestyle choices though. You cannot use a slow metabolism as an excuse for an expanding waist line, you can make a difference.

First you need to calculate your metabolic rate. There are many online calculators which will help you do this or, if you’re good with figures, you can use the Mifflin-St Jeor equation.

You should end up with a number between 1500 and 2500, this is the amount of calories your body burns every day, therefore your recommended intake. If you have a big appetite though, there are a few ways to enhance your metabolism.

Unfortunately the best way to increase your metabolism involves hard work and exercise. If you’re thinking of slimming down, weight training may seem counter intuitive but has many benefits.

As stated earlier, those with more muscles have higher metabolisms. In terms of energy, muscles are expensive and high maintenance, consuming up to one fifth of your calorie intake. Behind the brain and liver they are the most hungry part of your body. Unfortunately you cannot increase the size of these two, but your muscles will soon profit from a few gym sessions.

Stick to a core strength routine, a fitness instructor can compile one or you can find plenty online. Start light and train progressively, increasing the weights as you feel stronger. As a rule of thumb, you should feel the burn in the working muscles by the 7th rep, and be unable to continue by the 12th.

A nice easy one now, be sure to drink plenty of cold water. The most energy intensive gadget in your home is the kettle, it takes one calorie to heat one liter of water by I degree. Because your body needs to keep a constant temperature of 38.6 degrees, drinking iced water will effectively turn it into an energy burning kettle. Online websites are promising the people to have the best fat burner here for the reduction in the weight on the individual. Along with it, there should be consumption of the health food and performing of the exercises to get the best results. 

You shouldn’t force down water to balance out a fatty diet but, if you drink a healthy amount of two liters per day, adding ice will have a noticeable effect. Reducing the temperature by about 15 degrees will mean you burn off an extra 30 calories, every little helps!

Not strictly altering your metabolism, more going with the flow. For years we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, not only does it kickstart your brain in the morning, this is when your metabolism is at its highest.

Metabolic rate starts off high and slowly declines during the day. Society has conditioned us to contradict this, a traditional breakfast, sandwiches for dinner and large evening meal goes against what our body is designed to process.

Have a hearty breakfast with plenty of complex carbs to slowly release energy throughout the day. Porridge and dried fruit works great, this will keep your energy levels high, you can then satisfy and later cravings with light snacking.