Regardless of the area in which you operate, press releases and PR campaigns are extremely important factors in determining your success. If you are not careful who does your PR, your company may become stagnant or, worse, the company may lose money and clients because of those paid by you to promote your services. By following this Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review you can learn all about the different aspects that you need to know about choosing the best PR agency for your business. 

How do I choose the PR agency for my website?

Selecting a PR agency that matches your needs is difficult. Why? Because the market is full of so-called ‘experts’ in a promotion that is far from being professional.

This statement is supported by many real cases. I will expose them in the ranks below, lines which present you wrong ways used every day by a large number of PR agencies.

What are the online PR agencies which should be avoided?

I give you some advice. Personally, I have not known “in flesh and blood” any representative of any companies that do PR on the web.

But I know their lacks because I receive daily press releases and advertorials that I have to read and decide if they can be published or not.No need to mention the fact that many times I wonder, asking myself, rhetorically, how can be paid with so much money some advertising agencies that prove to be totally inexperienced in the promotion.

  • In over 98% of cases, these press releases and advertorials are not published.
  • Why is refused the free publication of advertorials and press releases?
  • The reasons for which advertorials and free press releases are denied are usually connected to the quality of materials received for publication.
  • In order that your advertising materials appear on god websites, with target visitors, your PR company must know its job.
  • But a lot of PR companies fail, doing the same mistakes every time.

Spelling mistakes

Spelling and language mistakes from texts written by employees of many PR agencies are plenty. Don’t wonder, there are a lot of PR ‘experts’ who make incredible spelling mistakes, no typing errors. Remember that no one will check the spelling mistakes from a text that he publishes for free. Although some specialists in web promotion deliberately ‘forget’ about this aspect, because of the commodity.

Uncouth promotion texts

Many people who work in PR don’t know how to write correctly a document. For example, they switch to the next line by using the keyboard when they write a document, using the Enter key instead of Ctrl + Enter.

Who will remove their empty spaces that will make the material to ruin the “front” of the website on which the document should appear for free?

Commas raise very serious problems too so-called PR ‘experts’. Newer, the comma is placed before predicative, or, worse, between the subject and predicative.

You will probably ask: ‘Ok, but these things aren’t learned in school?!’

The answer is ‘Yes, but some forget them terribly fast. And then they hire in PR agencies as ‘high professionals’.

Newer, it’s in trend to use the pdf format. Because the PR representatives send the documents to be printed in this format, as they consider that those who publish their documents for free have the obligation to convert their application into other readable formats.

PR documents accompanied by wallpaper photos

A lot of advertising agencies forget that the PR for the web doesn’t have any connection to the PR for print. At least in terms of text size, which can be extremely low for print, and photos, which need considerable sizes if they are printed, and even smaller for the web.

Several advertising agencies have the feeling that resizing photos is the job of those who promote them for free.

Methods of promotion by SPAM in forums

There are, besides the categories of mistakes that PR companies repeat, another ‘PR technique’ used by some agencies or specialists to rich their goal. This the Spam technique on forums. Clients pay the PR agencies to promote them on the web as they wish to increase sales and traffic on their website.

How to avoid incompetent PR agencies

In order not to spend a lot of money on fake advertising, you can do some research before signing any contract or paying a cash advance:

Ask them to show you the latest material sent by mail to free publication. Do they use a free email address? Run from there! And if you see two lines written in the wrong way on a document, then go somewhere else.

Ask them what other clients have they promoted before and search for information on Google. If you don’t find the companies they promoted on the first two Google pages, based on specific searches which include the name of the company or the name of the product, then you should avoid them.

Use Google and see if there are subjects or posts on forums which involve website that has been promoted for other of their clients. If you find this kind of advertising, you can be sure that it represents a promotion method based on spam, ‘carefully’ chosen by the ‘PR’ agency.

Good luck in choosing those who will promote you!