Acne is basically caused by several possibilities. In general, acne is a result of our own mistakes. There are various factors that cause acne. But actually you can prevent acne from now.

What is acne

Acne is an annoying little spots that often arise on the skin of the face or your back. Acne usually grow along with the person’s age. Acne knows no gender, so that acne can occur in men and women. Acne usually appears as a teenager. This is usually caused by growth hormones, so acne in adolescence is very difficult to avoid.

But you can prevent or minimize the acne attack at the age of adolescence. Skin hygiene have a dominant role to pop pimples. Certain skin types are also more easily cause acne. To learn more about acne let us follow the information below.

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Causes of acne

In general cause of acne because we are not keeping the skin clean. So the dirt clogged skin pores. The emergence of acne can also be caused by residual makeup that we do not clean up. But without us knowing it, it turns out acne can arise by something else. Some other possible causes of acne, such as:

  • Excess oil production:

Body Oil is useful for helping skin moisture, but if excessive it will cause acne. Total body oils can be triggered by foods that contain lots of fat, such as nuts.

  • The treatment of acne:

If you’re acne, you should be careful on your acne. Remove your acne with caution and wisdom. Advised not to squeeze pimples, as this can cause skin infections and make the hole. When you squeeze the pimple, it will cause infection and irritation, thus sparking the bacteria. This will create new problems on your skin.

The drugs trigger the appearance of acne: Drug medications can lower kosteroid kind to your body, so that the activity increases and feared bacterial pathogens trigger acne.

  • Adolescence:

Adolescence is a period of growth. Some of the growth hormone also increased in adolescence. Increased hormone DHT can cause acne. That is why adolescence is the most difficult to treat acne.

  • Genetic factors:

Although no in-depth research, but genetic factors likely to cause acne.

  • Skin type:

general skin has some skin types, such as: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Only normal skin that is not easily covered with acne, while other types of skin can cause acne.

Acne is a serious problem that must be looking for the cause. Basically, acne appears when you haphazardly maintain and care for the skin. Improve your lifestyle and watch your daily food intake. Avoid fatty foods and high protein, as this trigger acne.

Adolescence is a period of growth of acne, so you must be careful when entering the age of adolescence. Watch your makeup, do not carelessly use makeup brands. Adjust your makeup brand with your skin type.