Archiver’s, an upscale chain paper crafting store, is a favorite of cardmarkers, scrapbookers and crafters alike. However, as great as the store may be, shopping at Archivers can be expensive and can blow your entire scrapbooking budget after only buying a few pieces of paper! Luckily, Archiver’s periodically gives out coupons to make shopping at their store a little friendlier to your pocketbook.

How do you get Archiver’s coupons?

There’s a few ways to get Archiver’s coupons. One way is to get on their mailing list. To do this, you can go into any Archiver’s store, and when you purchase your items, the sales associate will ask you if you want to be on their mailing list. You can give the sales associate your mailing address and your email address to get double the coupons! You can also visit the Archiver’s website at to sign up for the mailing list.

Search online for Archiver’s coupons

Simply do a Google search for “Archiver’s coupons” or “Archiver’s printable coupons.” Many online coupon websites will have links to a printable Archiver’s coupon. Feel free to print the coupon as many times as you wish, however, Archiver’s allows you to use only one coupon per person, per day. This is a good option if you want Archiver’s coupons but don’t want to be on any mailing list.

What kinds of coupons does Archiver’s send out?

Typically, Archiver’s has a 30% off or 20% off a regular-priced item coupon deal going on all the time. Another common coupon item is a Buy “X” amount of cardstock, get “X” free. This is only good on the Archiver’s brand of cardstock, not the pretty patterned paper. As for sales at Archiver’s, there aren’t many. In fact, the only time I ever find discounted items at Archiver’s is when they are on clearance. When items are on clearance at Archiver’s, it isn’t much of a discount; typically you’ll find a lot of 25% off the regular price items. You will find 50% and 75% off items, but the selection is slim. Archiver’s doesn’t have Black Friday specials, or day after Christmas deals either.

Does Archiver’s accept competitor’s coupons?

No. If you have a pocket full of Joann’s or Michael’s coupons, you won’t be able to use them at Archiver’s. While Archiver’s might sell some of the same items a “big box” craft store might sell, generally the majority of their merchandise is not sold at the big box stores. Archiver’s sells more of the “designer” paper and cardstock, and other products that a Joann’s and Michael’s do not carry. Hence, Archiver’s does not consider themselves to be a direct competitor to a Joann Fabrics, Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby. This stinks, I know – Joann’s and Michael’s coupons are for a much bigger discount (usually 40% or 50% off a regular priced item) than Archiver’s coupons.