Interested in buy weed Canada for medical use, but don’t know how to get it? Don’t worry, CannabisChris is here to help you find the medical marijuana you need.

First, if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal (medical marijuana states), you need to see a doctor, in your state, and have them sign your paperwork. If you are having a problem finding a medical marijuana doctor you can trust, you can always turn to your local medical marijuana community, or compassion club, and ask them who they use. Many times you can find an honest doctor, that cares more about the patient, than the money, and save a few bucks. Ask around and you are sure to find a medical marijuana doctor in your area.

Ok, so after you visited your medical marijuana doctor, you will then need to register with the state you live in. Here in Michigan, your doctor fills out your paperwork (usually for $150 avg), and then you mail this paperwork to the State of Michigan, along with another $100 state fee (apparently, they don’t like doing their jobs for free).

After a doctor approves your medical marijuana paperwork (stating you have an “approved” debilitating condition that will be helped by the medical use of marijuana), and you have sent off this paperwork to the State (along with the fee), you are now playing a waiting game.

In Michigan, the medical marijuana LAW (initiated and approved by 63% of the voters in 2008), says that the State of Michigan has 21 days to issue your medical marijuana card, or deny your application.

Currently, many patients in Michigan are waiting 6 months to receive their medical marijuana cards, even though the cards are “issued” (but not mailed out) within the 21 day period. Of course, this has led to many arrests for patients that are “legal” but have no way to prove it, because the State of Michigan, won’t issue the cards and actually mail them out within the time stated by the LAW. I know someone who recently renewed their card, and so far they have waited for 3 1/2 months, and still have not received it.

With that said, we will hope you live in a state that actually obeys the laws the voters initiate, and you get your card within a reasonable time. What next?

Find medical marijuana by networking!

Now that you have your medical marijuana card in hand, you have a few options on finding medical marijuana in your area.

Network! This option is the best way to find good, high-quality, medical marijuana. Join a local compassion club (in Michigan we recommend and start learning, networking, and meeting new people. You are sure to find some great tips on growing medical marijuana, or finding a caregiver to grow your medical marijuana for you.

I, DO NOT RECOMMEND that you go to a dispensary for your medical marijuana! There are many reasons I feel this way, the biggest reason being – according to federal law, medical marijuana dispensaries are not legal on ANY level. Many medical marijuana states allow dispensaries, and others are doing everything they can to block them. Right now, politically speaking, medical marijuana dispensaries are just too hot to mess with, and realistically speaking – WE DON’T NEED DISPENSARIES! Every person I ever spoke with, who went to a dispensary OVERPAID for their meds – period. If you are finding good meds at the dispensary for what you “think” is a good price, then believe me – you can find it way cheaper by NETWORKING and meeting the right people. Dispensaries are nothing more than middle-men, who have to make their cut. Dispensaries are run FOR PROFIT and you are better off finding a caregiver that will take care of your needs for you, at a reasonable cost. Of course, there may be dispensaries that are the exception, use your best judgment, but NETWORK first!

Medical marijuana should NOT be expensive!

In many states with medical marijuana, the laws interpret how you acquire your medical marijuana. I suggest you read your state medical marijuana laws very carefully, and if you are still not clear on your options – find a compassion club, or talk to a lawyer.

Most of the states that have medical marijuana, allow the patient to grow their own marijuana or designate a caregiver to grow it for them. The laws in each state vary quite a bit, but they all have some kind of limits. In Michigan, a patient is allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of “usable” marijuana, and allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants. In Alaska, patients may NOT:

“(4) possess in the aggregate more than

  1. A) one ounce of marijuana in usable form; and

(B) six marijuana plants, with no more than three mature and flowering plants producing usable marijuana at any one time.”

Like I said, each state has very different laws regarding the use of medical marijuana.

One thing seems common in states with medical marijuana…

Once you have your medical marijuana card, the best way to get it is to either grow your medical marijuana yourself (according to State laws for the State you live in) or have a caregiver grow your medical marijuana for you (again depending on what your local laws allow).

If you want more information about growing your own medical marijuana, visit this site: Marijuana Cultivation Tips