Wondering how to get more likes on the Facebook page? If the answer is yes. Well then this is the post and Voy Media Course is for you. We all know the importance of having a huge number of likes on our Facebook page. If you are a brand then likes on your Facebook page helps you to create awareness for the brand. It helps you to reach more people and helps you to sell your product. Similarly, if you have a blog and want more visitors to your blog. Then you can use Facebook to drive traffic. However to get the traffic from Facebook. The first thing that you need is a huge number of likes on your Facebook page.

Also, there can be many more reasons and whatever the reason is. Getting likes on the Facebook page is essential. So how to get more likes on Facebook page?. well just to answer this question. We have studied the hack behind your question that says how to get more likes on Facebook. To be honest there is not rocket science that you need to understand to get more likes on the Facebook page. All you need is little patience and skills. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting any moment:

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page:

Run Facebook Ads:

Running Facebook ads is the easiest way to get more likes on your Facebook page. Just select your daily budget and start running the Facebook ads immediately. By using Facebook ads you can get more visitors to your website or get more likes on your Facebook page. So it is advisable to get some likes at the beginning by running Facebook ads. Also, you can collaborate with other Facebook pages and pay them some bucks to promote your page. If you suck at Facebook ads this is the option you can try out. Once you have enough audience for your page and you have started noticing engagements on your Facebook posts. well, then its time to kill the need of running Facebook ads and move to the next step.

Create Good Contents:

Study what people are really up to on Facebook. What is the trending meme? What topic people are talking about. Once you have figured out the topic its time to put your research in action. For example, if there is a trending meme topic that every Facebook page is using then you should use it too. Do not try to ignore it as people are showing their interest in it. Make some memes and post them and see the engagements. if you notice a nice engagement then try to promote your brand or product through the meme and people will notice it. also, the audience will show their interest in your page.

Post Regularly:

You have to post regularly on your Facebook page else the formula for how to get more likes on the Facebook page will not work. Keep your audience engaged with your content. Do not publish one post in a day or in a week. Instead, try to post 5-6 times daily on your Facebook page. This will help you to get more engagement on your Facebook page.

Run A Giveaway:

Well if you are a brand then why don’t you give away one of your products to your Facebook audience. You know that people love free stuff. So how can you do it? well, you can simply ask your audience to tag their friends on a specific post and ask them to like your page. The one who will bring the most likes will be the winner of the giveaway. you can run this giveaway campaign for a week or two. Also, the good thing about this formula is that you do not have to spend your bucks on Facebook ads. Offer your audience something and they will help you to reach your goal.

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Tag People:

To reach more and more people and make a large audience for your Facebook page. You should keep one thing in your mind. that whenever you are posting something you are tagging someone. someone can be a friend or a follower. tag at least 4 to 5 people. By tagging people you will be able to reach their friend list. that simply means their friends will be able to see your contents. Just in case if they like your content they will come and like your Facebook page. So always post good content as the content is the king. Also, help the content to a larger audience by tagging people.

Set Goals :

Also, do not forget to set goals for your Facebook page. Be very clear about your goal. Like how much likes you want to get. For example, if plan to get 1000 likes in a month. Then do every possible thing to complete the goal. It will help you to determine your progress and make everything exciting. If you get 1000 likes in a month then set a higher goal for the next month. That is how you will be able to calculate the engagements. Like how much like you have gained in a month. This will help you to build a strategy or road map.


Also, do not forget to put a high lighted picture for your page and also a cover photo that represents your brand. This will help people to understand that your page is authentic. For brands do add your contact details also do engage with your audience regularly. If they are interested in your product and asking you about it. Talk to them and solve their query. Improve your page time to time change strategies also do not forget to post regularly. As all these steps are the main elements of your how to get more likes on Facebook page question.