Do you cringe when you see yourself in the mirror? Especially in the dressing room mirror? Maybe it’s time to let go of a few of those extra pounds. Maybe you’re ready to get rid of that belly fat. But how? Read on for six steps to get you started.

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  1. Set Goals

Goals are your best friend. You can refer to them and use them as a guide. You need both short term goals and long term goals. Your goals should state how much Fat you want to lose and by when, as well as what you will do to achieve this.

  1. Find a Buddy

You probably know someone else who wants to lose Fat. if so, encourage them to join you at the gym, on walks and even in the kitchen. By working with someone who has the same goals as you do you can both encourage each other. This is particularly vital if you are surrounded by those aforementioned negative people.

  1. Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Exercise is generally the part that most people dread when it comes to Fat loss. if you leave it until late in the day you are more likely not to do it. This starts you on the wrong habit, and eventually you just stop exercising altogether. But fear not, you can stop this trend by exercising first thing in the morning – the earlier the better.

Then again, if you’re not a morning person, this may not work for you. In your case, you’ll have to make a commitment to exercise at a specific time later in the day. The key is doing the exercising, not the time of the day.

  1. Treat Yourself

Fat loss does not have to mean you have to give up all of the foods you love. Depending on how you react, you should be able to indulge a little once in a while. This could mean eating some chocolate once per week, or eating a take out dinner once a month.

  1. Keep a Diary

A diary of your progress is an ideal way to keep the motivation going. It is hard to see results when you look in the mirror every day as everything occurs gradually. But if you compare photos week by week, you’ll see the difference in your Fat.

A diary should also include daily accounts of what you eat and what exercise you do. If you aren’t interested in writing it all down, use an online service like the ones provided by e-diets or Fat Watchers, which help you to log and track your daily progress.

  1. Let Go of Stress

If you find you have too much belly fat, the most frequent culprit is stress. And while the steps above will help you with losing some Fat overall, if you want to remove that extra fat up front, you’ll have to find a way to reduce your stress and restore a more relaxed way of being. That’s because stress chemicals literally program your body to pack on the pounds right on your belly even while you may be losing fat elsewhere. It’s frustrating, but you do have some power to change that process.

When should you get started? Today is as good a day as any to begin your brand new Fat loss program. This time around you will have goals and motivation to succeed. you will not give up early, and you will know exactly what you want to achieve. You now have a recipe for a successful Fat loss program. So without further ado, get to it!