There are many reasons why somebody might start a garden on their patio. Besides buying sofas for decks and patios and setting them up, it is common for an elderly person to use their patio due to the fact that their body might not be able to handle working and bending in a larger garden all day. Moreover, there are several other factors that make patio gardening a popular choice these days. Time is another reason for patio gardening. It is easier to care for a smaller garden on the patio than a large yard garden. Space, or the lack thereof, plays an important role in determining the type of garden one will choose to have.

When gardening on the patio, you can choose from a wide array of containers. A few options for containers might include hanging baskets, wooden barrels, planter boxes, and clay or ceramic pots. Plastic containers should be avoided if at all possible. Over a period of time, the plastic containers will start to deteriorate because of the powerful UV rays from the sun. Wooden containers should have some sort of waterproof lining inside to prevent the container from rotting. In all actuality, any kind of container will work as long as proper drainage is available. Inadequate drainage will cause root rot in any container.

Use a compost mixture from household and garden waste when preparing the soil for your garden on the patio. If you are unable to make your own compost, you can purchase a top-quality potting soil. Soil can be purchased at any garden center. Healthy soil makes healthy plants.

You will most likely have a successful patio garden if your plants get at least five hours of sunlight each day. If your patio is in a location that doesn’t receive five hours of sunlight, you can grow plants that prefer to grow in shaded areas. Container gardening and gardening on the patio are similar in the fact that you can move your containers to more or less sunlight if needed.

Plants not only need sunlight, but they also need adequate water. Plants that are grown in a container always seem to need more water than a regular garden. Check the soil daily to see if it is in need of water. If the soil is hard then it needs water. Using a garden hose is the easiest way to give your plants water. You can also use buckets to collect rainwater for your plants. This is probably the healthiest water for the plants. Avoid using water that contains chlorine or other chemicals

When you think of gardening on the patio a picture of beautiful, delightful flowers might enter your mind. It is foolish to believe that only flowers can be grown on the patio in containers. You can grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits on a patio if you so desire. Having your vegetable garden on your patio might not be such a bad idea. When it is that close to you, you can watch to make sure no intruders enter it. Wild animals are less likely to eat a garden on a patio than a garden that is in the yard.