In this new era of online gaming, it becomes essential to have proper knowledge of every game and also know how to survive in it in the long run. Every game has an online guide to conquer every stage and to move on with each level easily. The minecraft hack is also available for those players interested in this game and should be followed thoroughly. It is among some of the most played and popular games on the internet and is updated from time to time to bring out new features and tools for players worldwide to enjoy them.  

How to survive?

For players who are new or have returned after some time, the following are some minecraft hack that should always be kept in mind during a game:

Generate the world: some options should always be kept in mind before starting a game. It includes choosing among creative, survival or hardcore mode. The creative mode includes everything that an individual has created within a game. It does not include hard blocks, but only one hit is sufficient to break anything. There is nothing like eating a health bar or dying from lava. Besides, it also enables an individual to fly.

  1. Similarly, in survival mode, an individual is thrown into the game world and asked to survive. The difficulty level can be changed accordingly, and it requires the collection of all the resources necessary for survival. Lastly, in hardcore mode, there is only one life that is very similar to real life. 
  2. The first thing is to gather wood because it is the most necessary resource and can be obtained very easily by punching down the trees. Once it is all collected, the player can start crafting by creating a wooden plank with wooden blocks and further creating wooden stations with these planks. Once the crafting table is set, it can be used by putting it to the ground directly and further creating more interesting things like doors and other tools. 
  3. Find a shelter: with enough wood in hand, the player can create a shelter for themselves by finding a dirt hole and carving it. Dirt is necessary because it can break easily with hands. It is very important not to be exposed in the world as the night falls because it can harm the players and even make them lose the game. 
  4. Gathering tools: tools are used for both defence and to gather required supplies. Planks and sticks are needed to make tools and correct placement that is the most important minecraft hack. All the supplies should be laid out in the right formation manner and creating anything they want. Some necessary tools include a wooden sword, Pickaxe, shovel, chest, and planks to create all these. 
  5. Mining the blocks: mining can be done easily by using coal and other stronger tools like stones. Mining is done by an iron pickaxe that is the best way to mine. 
  6. Use of torches and furnaces: light is important while playing Minecraft, preventing the spawning of hostile mobs and seeing everything clearly in the dark. For that, a player has to find coal on the first day and find a furnace to smelt the coal. It can be available by collecting eight cobblestones from all major crafting spots except for the middle ones or creating sticks from the available wooden planks. With the resource placed in the fuel, it will start burning. Many things can be used for a smelting process.

Besides the ways mentioned above, it is equally important to know about the minecraft hack to search for food, survive anyhow on the first night and the following dawn. All other tutorials are available online and should be known by individuals to better understand the game.