Collaborative marketing works in several ways. Often, when two businesses get together to draw exposure, profits, and customers to their businesses, they do this with mutual advertising. Sometimes, these coupons are a one way street. In other words, the first business uses the second business as a gift service.
This scheme is common with the real estate industry. The realtor will give it a series of exclusive coupons to the new home purchaser in order to refer their friends in the landscaping, plumbing, and painting businesses. Of course, the realtor does not get any other benefit besides offering a free gift to clients.

However, not all collaborative marketing is a one way street. There are also mutually beneficial ideas for making coupons that benefit both companies. One company can also pay the other back for any discounts that are offered on their behalf.

The “Gift” Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 1

When a realtor and a landscaping service join together to help in a mutually beneficial business relationship, this is referred to as collaborative marketing. A good strategy for these two types of companies to work together is to develop a coupon. This strategy helps to bring business to the landscaping service and also gives the realtor to give it a gift to the person that purchases the home.

By offering the new home owner an all seasons landscaping service coupons, the landscaper gets an introduction to a new customer. In many ways, this also acts as an active referral from the realtor. In other words, if the customer really liked the realtor, they are going to take their advice about who the best landscaper is.

One Way Profits Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 2

This strategy can work with other types of businesses as well. In a similar collaborative marketing strategy, the collaborators are a tire specialty store and a transmission business. The transmission business offers ten% off of transmission work but as an exclusive for the tire company only.

In other words, if they buy their tires at that store, they offer a discount at the transmission business. Both businesses gain exposure to more customers and profits. Proof of purchase presented at the transmission business can be a receipt from the tire business.

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Mutually Exclusive Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 3

A sports bar and a sports memorabilia establishment decide to join forces and created coupons that will give a discount at the restaurant for food and drink. On the same coupon, the sports memorabilia store offers a free item from their merchandise. These coupons are given as a thank you when the customer pays their bill. The idea is that each store helps the other to gain exposure from a shared customer base.