This is going to be an interesting topic of discussion which will make many youngsters join in as it is right up their alley and one that they keep aspiring for each time they get respite from school, college and office schedule.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a topic as there are many out there and almost all of them have been done to death from time to time but that is the beauty of it that it never gets old and merits a discussion over and over again.

We’ll keep the discussion light hearted by focusing on a form of entertainment that has been popular for a long time and it is one of the best video games of modern times called Idle Heroes where today we shall study some important points on what all things to expect.


Idle Heroes is a game that came out back in 2016 and it feels like it were only yesterday when the game suddenly launched with new hopes for its makers that were aspiring it to become a leading figure in the virtual world of video games.

It did not achieve success in the initial stages because people were expecting a typical action venture where hero and villain played the regular cat and mouse chase but they were in for a surprise that it was much more than that.

The game quickly captivated the youngsters as they took to it like fish to water where people started identifying with the characters and this was one of the few stories where hero and villain received equal footage instead of the latter hogging all the limelight due to his inherent evil.

Now, four years later, it has acquired an iconic status which is a huge achievement as most of the games don’t last beyond a few months and this trend has been going since the past decade so the credit goes to idle heroes for breaking the jinxed dry spell.

Level Up Decision

Idle Heroes stand true to its given title as it has some of the best heroes that you can find in the virtual world but the beginner’s guide has provided tips for people that are new to the game so that they can play it easily and reach newer levels at a faster pace.

You just need to make sure that you have all the powerful heroes on your side that would gradually increase your powers and it would be their job to accumulate as many resources as possible for the greater good.

Some important ones are coins, gems, magic dust for upgrading treasures, dragon sale that is used for buying numerous equipments and numerous others that all come up as the levels progress.

The decision to utilize the resources is entirely in the hands of the players that have to take care of their castle tower where everything is available and prevent frequent attacks from the enemy camp that has numerous monsters prowling in the backside and waiting for the opportune moment to go for the kill.