With the rise of social media, the importance of getting likes on posts has become increasingly relevant. A large number of likes can be seen as a sign of success, with some even considering it as an indication of popularity. But what do Instagram likes mean and how can you get them organically? In this article, we’ll look at these questions in more detail and explore how to get real instagram likes without resorting to paid services.

What Do Instagram Likes Mean?

When someone clicks the like button on a post, it’s essentially their way of showing approval for the content or that they find it interesting or enjoyable. The person who posted the image will also get notified that someone liked their post, which can give them a sense of satisfaction from knowing people appreciate what they have shared.

On Instagram, there is a culture around getting ‘likes’; users tend to feel validation when receiving many ‘likes’ for their posts. It’s important to note however that ‘likes’ don’t always necessarily mean that a user actually does like your content – sometimes people may just click ‘like’ out of politeness rather than genuine interest in the post itself.

Why Should You Try To Get Real Instagram Likes?

Having real followers who are actually interested in your content is incredibly important if you want to use your account as an effective marketing tool. This is because organic followers are more likely to stay engaged with your account over time and may even end up becoming customers through seeing ads related to your business on their feed (if applicable). They will also be far more likely to engage with any new posts you make and share them with others – both of which are key elements for successful marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram.

How To Get Real Instagram Likes Organically

Getting organic followers can take some time; however, there are steps you can take from the very beginning that will help boost your chances:

1) Post Quality Content Regularly

Posting quality content regularly is essential if you want your audience to keep coming back for more. If possible, create unique content specific to certain topics or interests so that people are drawn in by its originality – this could be anything from photographs taken during trips abroad or videos showcasing products/services offered by businesses, etc. You should also try not posting too often either as this may put off potential followers who may feel inundated by notifications each day!

2) Use hashtags & geotags wisely

Using hashtags wisely allows potential users searching for specific topics/interests related to yours to easily find your profile! Targeting very specific tags (e.g. #yoga_lovers rather than simply #yoga) can help narrow down results significantly, which could lead directly to discovering new accounts whose content they enjoy! Similarly, geotagging images/videos allows those who live nearby or are interested in exploring nearby areas to know what’s going on in those places, making it easier for them to stumble upon related accounts!

3) Engage with other users & follow accounts relevant to your niche

Engaging with other users is crucial if you want them to notice you and potentially follow you in return – responding thoughtfully or sharing opinions shows genuine appreciation for their views, while also allowing for a two-way flow of communication between both parties (something all relationships benefit from!). Following accounts that are specifically relevant to the niche topic you’re targeting will also help you get noticed, as following another user often creates a mutually supportive relationship (as long as the interactions remain consistent).

Final thoughts.

Overall, getting real Instagram likes organically takes some effort, but is well worth it – it allows for higher levels of engagement with existing followers, as well as increasing the chances of finding new ones, likely due to the various tactics discussed above, such as using appropriate hashtags/geotags, meaningfully engaging others, and following relevant accounts, etc. All of this combined should hopefully result in significant growth across all metrics, ultimately leading to a successful social media presence, and thus helping to achieve the goals set before beginning the journey into the world of digital marketing!